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  1. Cheers!

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  3. Merry Christmas!

  4. Merry Christmas to You and Yours!

  5. Happy Holiday to you!

  6. Let the gift giving begin, Merry X-mas ;-)

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  8. Happy late B-day to you ;-)

  9. First round is on me, Happy Birthday.

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  12. Merry Christmas!

  13. Happy Holidays!

  14. Merry Christmas

  15. Thanks for the rep! DIE, BBA!

  16. Thanks for the "gpld star".

  17. Happy Sunday ;-)

  18. Thanks for the rep! This is going to be fun!

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  20. For hanging out on a lazy Sunday ;-)

  21. First round on me , Happy Birthday

  22. For being one minute late on the DT contest.

  23. Thanks for the Rep ;-)

  24. Don't want you to choke on the hot dog.

  25. Have a delicious gluten-free hot dog.

  26. Trivia Contest

  27. Thanks for the rep ;-)

  28. Thanks for the rep, and the laughs!

  29. Thanks for the Rep ;-)

  30. Merry Christmas

  31. Happy Christmas!

  32. Merry Christmas

  33. Thanks for the rep and support

  34. Thanks for the rep!

  35. Back at you ;-)

  36. First beer is on me, Happy Birthday.

  37. Thanks for being a friend ;-)

  38. Thanks for the rep ;-)

  39. Happy New Year! Pop a cork for me :o)

  40. Merry Christmas!

  41. Merry Christmas!

  42. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  43. Have a Candy cane ;-) Merry Christmas

  44. Back at you! You need to come and "hang more"

  45. Happy Thanksgiving!

  46. Thanks for the Rep ;-)

  47. Thanks so much for the Rep!!

  48. Here's to the 4th ;-)

  49. Happy Independence Day!

  50. Happy Father's Day

  51. Happy Birthday!

  52. Happy B-day old friend ;-)

  53. TGIF, indeed!

  54. Happy Easter to you

  55. Happy Easter, buddy

  56. Thanks for the Rep :)

  57. A little late but happy SP's day :)

  58. And good luck for you!

  59. T.G.I.F.!

  60. just ONE more cup...

  61. T.G.I.F.!

  62. Your the best, thanks fot the Rep!

  63. figured you'd already drained the pot. time for latte :o)

  64. feel better - an apple a day and all that

  65. Why? Because I lurves u

  66. superbowl 2014

  67. To a good game!

  68. Here's to a good game, go Pat's, feels good to be on the same page

  69. Thanks for the Rep and you awesome friendship :)

  70. coffee's even better with a friend

  71. Back at you ;-)

  72. Congrats on 6,000 posts!

  73. Happy New Year!!

  74. Thanks so much for the rep!!

  75. Happy New Year!

  76. One for wherever Rex lands

  77. Happy Christmas!

  78. Merry Xmas To You!

  79. Merry Christmas buddy

  80. Merry Christmas

  81. Thanks for the rep :)

  82. It's never too late for coffee :o)

  83. Thanks for the rep :)

  84. TGIF back at you :)

  85. T.G.I.F.!

  86. Congrats on MOTM. You earned it!!

  87. thanks! but this one's on me :o)

  88. One Irish coffee coming up

  89. It's in a thermol mug so should stay hot until morning thanks, buddy

  90. TGIF :)

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  95. TGIF Brother ;-)

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  99. Just a Thanks!

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  101. cheers bro!

  102. "Some additional grand marnier" it is!

  103. there are some days when it's NEVER to early for margaritas

  104. pizza for all. I finished my book today!!!

  105. Never drink alone!

  106. You need another Rummy nose :0)

  107. And a happy 4th to you as well!

  108. Thanks. figure you need a cup too ;O)

  109. Thanks!

  110. Another experiment gone right?! Happy Friday, friend. =]

  111. T.G.I.F.!

  112. Back at you!

  113. We shall smite ich until it's perished off the face of this earth!

  114. T.G.I.F.!

  115. You must be due for a cuppa joe :o)

  116. Happy B-day my friend, hope it was good.

  117. In honor of Steelers 5k posts!

  118. Beer makes monday not suck so bad..

  119. About time you brought back this old tradition!

  120. TGIF indeed, sir!

  121. TGIF, right back at ya!

  122. for the encouragement. yay new fish

  123. My turn to buy

  124. Sounds like you need an extra cup this morning :o)

  125. ThankYou! 4rep

  126. Thank's, have a rummy nose for the future..!

  127. Happy Easter!

  128. T.G.I.F.!

  129. Happy Drink Like a Viking Friday!

  130. Glad you got your star, general!

  131. Here's to 6,000 Bro!!!

  132. Congrats on 5,000 posts!

  133. Congrats on 5000 posts. Here's an apple for the spelling teacher :o)

  134. T.G.I.F.!

  135. Good morning to you too!

  136. Thanks for the rep!

  137. Here's to good friends, and new fish!

  138. Got a corkscrew?'s 5:00 somewhere, LOL

  139. T.G.I.F.!

  140. This round's on me...

  141. Another beer for the Rep!

  142. For your vote of confidence.

  143. for my favorite spelling teacher :0)

  144. Here's to one crummy Superbowl, lol!

  145. Thanks again for the AC70 help!

  146. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

  147. Happy New Year!

  148. Merry Christmas!

  149. No Message

  150. Merry Xmas! Ill drink to that!

  151. Merry Christmas!

  152. Merry Christmas

  153. Merry Christmas!

  154. Merry Christmas Buddy

  155. Merry Christmas!

  156. Thank You!

  157. Thanks for the Rep!

  158. For the safe arrival of Judi's Discus!

  159. Thanks for the Rep!

  160. just for being you

  161. You always find a way to make a person feel very special. This is my favorite type of apisto, It looks good worn on your wall.

  162. <3

  163. indulge :o)

  164. Happy Friday!

  165. Here's to team work and TGIF!

  166. It's Friday eve!

  167. For forgetting you, LOL.

  168. For forgetting you, LOL.

  169. :-)

  170. had I known, I'd have sent you something colder much sooner :o)

  171. One step closer to Discus!

  172. Here's to Judi, and Fish & Beer Tuesday!

  173. The fishies are coming! the fishies are coming!

  174. No Message

  175. Thanks for the Rep!

  176. No amount of generosity should go unnoticed. Here's one on me!

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  196. For all the time and effort you put into this forum, this ones for you!

  197. for luck! Fingers crossed for Clown

  198. Its almost Friday again! Lets grill some and drink a few!

  199. sober Tuesday :o(

  200. No Message

  201. Its Friday, Friday, Gotta Get down on Friday!

  202. Cheers for Friday

  203. cheers man! It's Friday!

  204. drink THIS. You'll feel even better!

  205. This round is on me!

  206. Thanks for the rep,guess I'm late to the party!

  207. No Message

  208. beer all around :o)

  209. wake up! :o)

  210. Thanks for your excellent advice

  211. and a donut

  212. let's share another cup!

  213. Good morning to you too. Have a cup on me :o)

  214. Coffee... it's what's for breakfast

  215. Thanks for the rep :-)

  216. right back at 'cha

  217. ask and ye shall receive :o)

  218. because you deserve one :o)

  219. For all your good advice

  220. for a cold winter morning

  221. thanks. let's share a cup!

  222. closest I could come to a fuzzy navel

  223. and gift

  224. Thanks for the birthday wishes

  225. Wake up! It's Monday :o) Have a cup on me.

  226. I heard that there's a guy who knows a way to get rid of this... You have to scrub s bit apparently, ANY idea how I could hear more about it? :ducks: :-P I hope your holidays are Algae free my man!

  227. Its Holiday Ham time! Happy Holiday Hams to you!

  228. Happy X-mas! :-)

  229. Merry Christmas Taurus

  230. Merry Christmas

  231. Merry Christmas

  232. Merry Christmas buddy!

  233. Merry Christmas

  234. thanks now you have one one me - with baileys

  235. good and hot on this snowy winter day

  236. back at 'cha Ho Ho Ho

  237. and a donut to go with the coffee yum yum

  238. mornin' sunshine

  239. You know I like to drink coffee with good friends.

  240. It ain't soul but it's close. Thanks for the song Barry :o)

  241. thanks so much for coming to my aid!

  242. for the teacher & b'cause I couldn't find any crayolas

  243. thanks for the grins, brat. have some algae on me

  244. let's share a cup together :o)

  245. Good morning to you to sweets : )

  246. a playmate for your new puppies :o)

  247. For making my time spent on-line this AM fun :-)

  248. For being awesome! :)

  249. An angel for you for helping my angel. thanks!

  250. Math is over rated, I have friends that are good at math.. All it gets them is lots of math questions from others :-P

  251. It's always nice to share a cup of coffee in the morning with good friends

  252. Just let me know if you are running out of room on the dash board for your empties :-P

  253. So... Here's the fourth of many beers

  254. And I am a man of my word have no fear.

  255. And you are right on here..

  256. When you're right you're right... :-P

  257. After all that virtual alcohol it's time to sober up with some virtual food

  258. Friends don't let friends drink alone, Cheers

  259. Another day, another round for my friends.

  260. Next round is on me! :-D

  261. I thought i would by a round since i have all this money laying around :-D

  262. Another round for my friends

  263. Love the avatar, squid for dinner? ;)

  264. BORK! BORK! Great avatar! :-D Have a penguin.

  265. You are a sweetheart

  266. Thank you for the nomination

  267. Thanks!

  268. Just Incase?

  269. Where I am from .. I owe you a beer ... Probably two :-P

  270. thanks for the birthday wishes : )

  271. Sweets for all my Sweets this Holiday! :)

  272. Shaken, Not stirred. For the [Cue Scottish Accent] --> Holidays, Happy Holidays

  273. Tahnk you!! Merry Christmas to you too!! :)

  274. chag hanukkah sameach

  275. Hope Santa is good to you!

  276. Happy X-Mas! :-)

  277. Christmas bunny!! Huzzaah!

  278. Merry Christmas!

  279. Merry Christmas!

  280. Here's some Christmass Cheer, Happy Holidays Tuarus

  281. A penguin is sort of like turkey, except more delicious, Happy Thanksgiving

  282. One Ham for the Holiday! (Provided on the Hoof)

  283. Someone to share the snow with. BTW 'snowballs' does not mean the same thing to a penguin that it does to us.

  284. Thanks for the rep, Cheers

  285. For putting up with me !!

  286. Thanks for the rep, and the kind words my friend

  287. I owe you a refill

  288. Thanks!

  289. hope you have a great fathers day

  290. Thanks for the rep

  291. it's better when shared with friends. thank you

  292. thank you for your help

  293. thanks for the help!

  294. from one fish geek to another

  295. New fish!

  296. thank you

  297. cream and sugar?

  298. Thx Taurus

  299. sorry bout the fish :-)

  300. Giving you my most prolific plant LMAO!

  301. Happy Holidays!

  302. Merry Christmas!

  303. its supposed to be pie but it looks like a snail. merry christmas

  304. merry freakin' christmas :-)

  305. Merry Christmas to my forum friend!

  306. Merry Christmas!

  307. Merry X-mass, and thanks for all of your help this past year

  308. Here's a blue ram in gratitude for all the valuable advice you've been giving me.

  309. A piece of cake to thank everybody that posted in my anniversary thread for their kind words.

  310. Thanks for the rep, very cool

  311. thanks for making me smile

  312. Thanks for the Bday wishes :)

  313. Have a gift instead!!

  314. awesome posts!

  315. Congrats MOTM! Well deserved!

  316. Congrats on MOTM! You deserve it :-)

  317. Congrats on MOTM!

  318. Thx for the rep

  319. Happy Birthday to You!!

  320. happy birthday!

  321. Happy Birthday! :)

  322. happy birthday

  323. Thank-you

  324. Thanks for the compliment!

  325. Thanks for the help

  326. Cheers!

  327. Have a gift :)

  328. CONGRATS on your engagement!!!

  329. Happy New Year!

  330. Happy New Year!

  331. for your kind words.

  332. Happy Holidays!!

  333. Merry Christmas

  334. Seasons Greetings. Have a great christmas

  335. Merry Christmas!

  336. Merry Xmas :)

  337. for my friend

  338. Happy Thanksgiving!

  339. for a great guy

  340. fellow dog lover

  341. have a beer, makes useless threads more enjoyable

  342. Everybody needs a gift on a random Wed :)

  343. Sorry!

  344. TY for the help!!!

  345. Happy B-day!

  346. An early birthday electronic treat!

  347. Thanks for all the help

  348. Congrats! Keep on posting!

  349. Happy Easter and thanks for the ISP help!

  350. Your first fish gift

  351. Happy Saint Patricks Day!

  352. Happy St. Patrick's Day

  353. ...for all your help!!!

  354. Thanks