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    Cuộn tranh dài hơn hai thước, bên trên có chút linh lực dao động. Vương Lâm nhớ rằng cái này là do hắn lấy được trên người một vị tu sĩ Kết Đan kỳ. Lúc đó, đối phương đă mở ra được một nửa.

    Tuy nhiên, hắn vẫn không biết rằng Cực cảnh có một cái ngưỡng đó là Nguyên Anh hậu kỳ. Muốn đột phá lên Hóa Thần, hy vọng quá đỗi mong manh.
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Date of Birth
July 5
About cocoa_pleco
edmonton, alberta, canada
books are for losers
German Canadian
At Parties!
Got GF / BF
Why do you like AC Tropical Fish:
for fun
Aquarium 1:
had a 125g reef
Aquarium 2:
had a 90g cichlid tank
Aquarium 3:
had a few dozen other tanks
Rest of Your Aquariums:
all my fish stuff is sold
How I got started with aquariums.:
goldfish bowl
Favorite fish:
Fish I have bred:
Guppies, plecos, snails, corys, platys, rainbow sharks, oscars, rare white and pink convicts, black neon tetras,
Why I like fish::
i dont anymore lol
Best advice:
cleavage is like the sun, dont stare
Other pets:


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youre beyond talented

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  32. For u my friend!

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  35. For help with my SW and future help

  36. Hungry?

  37. We would be lost without your help

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  40. cheers 4 rep points

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  49. One love...Thanx for evry 'ting mon!

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  69. sorry to here about your Oscar

  70. for all your support and help :)

  71. feel free to kick me... just apologizing for my misunderstanding. no hard feelings i hope. :)

  72. Thanks for the help so quickly last night, i was freaking out, it felt good to have someone calm me down with kind words!

  73. Thanks for all the reef help!

  74. for your support and advice,plus friendship

  75. Here's a drink, you earned it!

  76. Cash Rules everything around me, talking dolla dolla bills ya'll!

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  85. merry christmas and a happy new year :-)

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  102. You send me fruit I send you pizza!! LOL!!

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  105. could use some Luck with your fish too!

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