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Breeding setups

  1. AmazonJoe
    So I'll get another discussion going on everyones various setups for breeding. Please share any success you have had and the plan that went behind it :)
  2. AmazonJoe
    I know for the dwarf cichlids there so many and they all originate from different water conditions but you all have seen my recent apisto breeding success. Which had a lot to do with quality fish in my opinion not so much on water parameters also it will be interesting to see if the dither fish had a major impact since I removed them and will try to spawn them again.
  3. AmazonJoe
    My setup was a 20 long with a 2213 Ehiem and 100w pennplax. I used super fine natural Florida sand for sub and with plenty of oak twigs and leaves. My water parameters during actual spawning was at GH-10 KH-6 TDS 220-190 temp 76

    I performed 20% WC's once a week with pure RO since I was feeding with BBS the added salt would increase TDS and KH so hence the need for pure RO water

    I did 0 sub siphon or glass cleaning as to not disturb the female and fry. I just maintained that WC schedule to keep it clean as possible. Another note as for not doing a sub siphon is to of course prevent fry from being sucked up but also to not remove microorganisms naturally occurring in the tank.
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