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loaches I have had...

  1. sheamurai
    I just joined this group, and don't see much action on it but thought I would post and see what happens.

    So far, I have kept Clown, Yoyo, and kuhli loaches.
    all have been great fish, but my number one favourite are the yoyo's. They were into everything, busy little guys, like all loaches, but what I liked about them was:
    they didn't get too big like clowns
    their colouring and markings changed as they matured, making them even more interesting
    the way they would eat upside down at the surface of the tank. Most loaches even tho they are all wriggly wormy, stay generally upright. Not the yoyo's.

    I may not ever have the tank to keep them in again, but if I do, they are at the top of my list!
  2. mermaidwannabe
    I love, and have weather loaches (dojos). I've had mine since 2010. Started out in my 20-gallon high, then I transferred them into my 65 after I set it up. Much more space for them there. I currently have 3 dojos in that tank, along with 7 rosy barbs, 3 danios, 4 rosy minnows and several snails. Live plants -- two anubias, 1 Amazon sword, and 1 crypt that is supposed to eventually get very tall. This is a coldwater tank, i.e., no heater. It's in a room with a built-in wall heater governed by a thermostat, so the room stays fairly warm even in winter.

    Dojos are cute. It's fun to watch them eat. They gobble up almost anything they're given. Special treats: O-Nips. They also get frozen brine shrimp, algae pellets, Hikari and New Life Spectrum foods for small fish and some other NLS varieties.

    Would love to hear from other dojo owners.

    I, too, have just joined this group ...
  3. James`
    I bought 7 baby clown loaches under 1" and I had a 4" mother loaches I had originally bought just to control my snails thinking I'd get rid of her eventually due to many reasons. I already knew she was lonely and everything that goes along with where I put her. It was a cruel short-term snail fix. My dad had always kept large clowns so I am quite familiar with their personality. I decided to go for a loach tank, but knew I'd have to go small so I could enjoy them while. Almost a year ago I got the bag of 7 baby for $20 from my friend who owns a shop and I haven't stopped feeding them a diverse diet with lots of bloodworms. To date they are growing quite nicely and all are pushing the 3.5" area. Unlike most clowns you see who tend to be long and skinny I have quite full round and fat healthy loaches because they're received so much food since they were young.

    They are only in a heavily planted 60 gallon now, but eventually will be relocated to a 9ft long tank under 15" high.
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