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  1. AmazonJoe
    Hey folks hope you all like the group and we can grow it among our mother site AC.
  2. AmazonJoe
    Just starting things off on were my attraction for South American fish came from. I grew up diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and eventually my mother came across a private school specifically for the disorders. The professor who opened the school sometime in the 90's suffered as well as a adolescent in school and eventually into college all the way to his doctorate in marine biology. So later in life he had the desire to open a school geared towards helping those individuals. Now not to give you my life story I'll git to where SA comes in the picture. My professor around 1998 linked up with a gentlemen who has done extensive exploration and has established a jungle lodge in the Peruvian rain forest off of the tahuayo river.
  3. AmazonJoe
    So my professor arranged to visit the lodge during the dry season and it became a annual trip for the school. I traveled with my class and professor from 00'-09' So I developed a since of how things are in the jungle and how to maneuver and survive. My professor would make it mandatory to do certain expeditions such as trekking the interior of the jungle or a short 1-2 day survival trip were you bring bare essential and learn how to find food build shelter etc.. We also would stop off in every near by village and bring them supplies.
  4. AmazonJoe
    So I was a avid angler growing up in Florida so I naturally went on fishing excursions while down in SA. So usually just me and a single guide and boat driver would wake up before the sun and travel down the river about two hours to a remote lake off the main river.
    We would have a canoe with us pulled behind the skiff that we would have to go up the small connecting creek that is drying up trapping fish in the lake. Then if me and the guide can manage to drag and pull the canoe into the lake we have an amazing fishing experience. Since I have a guide he does all the paddling and maneuvering idk if you ever tried to fish solo in a canoe :/
  5. AmazonJoe
    The fish here have never seen an artificial lure in there lives so I have had days were I would lose every single lure I brought from multiple sharp teeth or I have to stop and rest because my arm is literally sore from catching so many.. I learned eventually what I was in for and adapted every trip with eventually 50lb braided line and 60-80lbs steel leader and snap...which I've also had a peacock bass and large electric eel be able to break the steel..

    I dual enrolled at my community college So on my last trip I put together a Amazon diversity report were I documented and cataloged various fish from different habitats in the Amazon such as rivers,streams,lakes and slack backwaters/small pools

    I documented collection methods and took water quality samples DO,pH and temp over all in a two week span I collected and documented over a 100 different species.

    I also all the while I had various fish tanks including the 55g I have now :)
  6. AmazonJoe
    Thanks everyone who joined up so far :)
  7. steeler58
    Thanks for the invite ;-)
  8. angelcraze2
    Thank you for inviting me as well! I'm happy to share my experiences keeping and breeding South American fish. This is the only type of fish I keep at the moment, and although I have kept other fish types from other areas, it seems I gravitate toward SA fish and plants for some reason. I've been keeping fish for over 10 years. I started with the serpea tetra but was always intrigued with cichlids, their colors, their personality, their instinct for reproductive care. Everybody knows about angelfish, but when I first saw some gold marble pearlscale angelfish at the LFS, I was awe at the beauty of these...being a newbie, I had never seen anything like these fish labeled "Diamond angelfish". I found out my tank and water parameters suited these fish, and so my obsession began.
  9. AmazonJoe
    Thanks for joining and sharing a little of your story ;)
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