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Fish with Rummy nose

  1. steeler58
    I personaly like to keep RN's and Cardinals together but there are some other fish that work well with them.

    Black neons swim in the upper levels of the tank and make a great contrast to the RN's. Harlequin rasboras are another good option. Green neon's and regular neons work well and you get the same "vibe" as you do with Cardinals.

    For a whole different shaped fish try Red phantom tetras or any of the Rosy tetra group.

    Cory cats of any kind work with them but go the extra mile and try to find Weitzmani, Adolfoi, or Similis.
  2. steeler58
    Cardinal tetras look great with Rummy nose :-)

  3. steeler58
    Black neons contrast well with Rummy nose ;-)

  4. RiversGirl
    oooo, such pretty Cardinals....
  5. steeler58
    Emperor's would look great with them too ;-)

  6. RiversGirl
    My Cherry Barbs get along well with the Rummy Nose. They provide a nice pop of color, as well. Coordinates with the Rummy's nose and all.
  7. steeler58
    Cherry Barbs are indeed a good fish to contrast with your Rummy's nose :)
  8. steeler58
    Rummys with bigger fish.

  9. RiversGirl
    I would love to add in either Cardinals or Green neons to shoal with my existing Neons. The Rummy get along fine with the Neons, but I think I won't purchase any more of them.

    A nice sized school of Harlequin rasboras would be on my list if I had more room... or if I get a bigger tank. In fact, I picked the Rummy over the Harleys in the first place. Would LOVE to have both.
  10. steeler58
    Harley's are one of my all time favorite fish but they don't school as tight as Rummy nose; which puts the Rummys in the top five. for me anyway, but you can never go wrong with Harley's, thats for sure ;-)
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