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FJ's Inquiry and Observation

Changes have been made...

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Our baby ghost shrimp didn't make it. We saw some activity in the first few days, but we were supposed to see the babies by now. There is nothing.

After we had moved Luffy (the female) back into her home tank, Zoro was mating her again. Two days later, we couldn't find her at all. She either got sucked up in the tank vac or she died and got eaten by the neons...

We added java moss and hornwort into the 20 gal tank, a smaller bit of the hornwort is now in my 1 gal betta tank. He likes playing with it, he wiggles around and creates a current and then plays chase with the floating plant. It's so cute!

My betta (named "Train" after the music group) had some columnaris show up, we managed to get him medicine in time and fed him some of the medicine mixed with thawed brine shrimp... He thought he was in heaven with that treat... Now he's much better. His fins are looking tattered, so I'm having to treat him for that. (no filter, a little freshwater salt, frequent water changes) He's already looking better. His tail doesn't have brown at the ends anymore and his fins are not receding anymore either.

The gold mystery snail ("Blaze") had a couple of splits in his shell so we had to quarantine him into a breeder's net to stop the neons from picking at him. After a week in the breeder's net and a cuttlebone dropped into the water, his shell has mostly mended and he's happily back in the larger part of the tank.

We had a bunch of brown algae appear on our fake plants, and Blaze wouldn't eat it, so we finally just got a bristlenose pleco. I usually don't like how they look, but this little guy is not so bad. he won't get bigger than 4 inches long so he's perfect for our 20 gal and he likely won't bully the neons. My sis bought him and decided to name him "Play". I can see why, he's adorable. Anyone who has watched a pleco move about their tank knows what I'm talking about. He doesn't seem interested in the algae wafer that we dropped into the tank, but Blaze and Zoro seem to like it. They didn't eat the whole thing, so there's plenty left for Play.