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New Betta Tank Set Up and Cycling

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OK, here is a picture of my new betta tank which is just beginning to cycle. It is a 10 gallon with two small sponge filters connected to an air pump which I hope will not move the water too much for Mr. Betta. The bubbles are moving the surface a little, but I hope not too much. I plan to add a moss ball eventually. What do you guys think? Will Mr. Betta like this tank? I could always add a few tank mates later. Name:  IMG_3112.JPG
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  1. GuppyMommy's Avatar
    Update: Tank is cycling well so far. Ammonia is going down, and nitrite is starting to spike. There is also some nitrate appearing in the tank. I am also cycling a smaller 5.5 gallon tank at the same time that I plan to use for a hospital/quarantine tank. Both are in the living room, the 10 gallon on the entertainment center, (Tank 1) and the other on the hutch (Tank 2) Tests today show ammonia at .50 ppm, nitrite at 4 ppm and nitrate at 5 to 10 ppm for both tanks. Fishless cycling with ammonia works and is much more humane than cycling with live fish. I can hardly wait until the cycle is complete in both tanks and can add my new fish!
  2. GuppyMommy's Avatar
    Another update: Due to an erratic work schedule, this tank has been neglected and I've had to start cycling all over again. So no fish yet. I now keep a spreadsheet in Excel on the progress of this tank, my 5.5 gallon, and my son's 10 gallon guppy tank. Good news, I have successfully cycled the 5.5 gallon and have added my new Betta Buddy! I posted a picture of him in the Betta Photo Gallery. He can reside in his little 5.5 gal condo until the 10 gal is ready. He is a blue and red veil tail that I rescued from PetSmart. When I picked up his little cup to take a look at him, he looked right back as if to say, "So, are you taking me home or what?" So now Buddy is the new addition to the family. I posted a picture of him in the Betta Photo Gallery. He was in a 1 gal fish bowl for about 10 days until the 5.5 gal was ready. I just put him in there today, and he sure looks happy! So the plans for the 10 gal are to hopefully add some peaceful community fish, and then add Buddy. We'll see how it goes.