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Oh blogs are back!

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I got a new tank! but not a "new" tank. A friend of a friend contacted me as she had a small tank she was looking to get rid of, and she had heard that I have fish. I went to get it (because, hey, free tank! with filter and heater and lights!), and was thinking of setting it up in the computer room...

Anyway, the tank turned out to be a 7 gallon glass tank, populated with... 3 dwarf chain loaches and at least 2 dozen adult guppies (about half and half males and females), which, to be honest, was a few more fish than I expected. Also, it was absolutely full of plants, which is I guess how all the fish managed to live in there and not die. Anyway, the tank looked RIDICULOUS with that many fish in it, seriously, it looked more like fish soup.

It came with a single tube t8 2' lights (was too long for the tank and hanging off the sides), a 100 watt heater, and a small internal filter with no brand name (70gph, seems old but pumping really well).

My other tanks kinda had some space in them (haven't really bought fish in about a year or more... kept meaning to fill out the schools but never really got around to it... some of them were a bit old). SO a big re-arrange was in order, and I shut the little tank down and re-homed the dwarf chain loaches with someone I know who will take good care of them. Current state of thanks, therefore, is as follows:

45 gallon tank:

1 platinum gourami (Snowy)
1 siamese algae eater (Dead Fish)
2 bristlenoses (both named Ugly Fish)
9 black neon tetras (named Bob 2)
1 neon tetra (Bob)
11 emerald eye rasboras
6 or 7 juvenile platies

Planted to the gills!!

29 gallon tank:

2 khuli loaches
1 oto
24 adult guppies
unknown (but very large) number of baby guppies

Densely planted and over filtered (the filter that came with the guppies and an aquaclear 50)


In other news, I almost lost Dead Fish the siamese algae eater. Again. These guys jump. My tank is covered, but I had part of the cover removed, and he leaped out. The first time that happened he just got put back in and was fine. The second time, we didn't notice until about 5 minutes (at least) later, and found him almost dried out on the carpet, stiff and only slightly moving his gills. I was sure he was gone. Put him in some water (he floated upside-down) and pulled the cat hair and other stuff stuck to him off... Anyway, about 10 minutes later he righted himself. A few hours later he was swimming around the tank. 2 days later he resumed his algae eating duties like nothing ever happened to him...
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