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All Blog Entries

  1. Lepomis macrochirus or Bluegill

    A member of the sunfish family, also called a Bream (pronounced Brim) or Panfish.
    The native North american species that can be found nearly all the way across the country and thrives in waters from 60 degrees F - 80 degrees F.

    They exhibit beautiful natural colors of blues, greens red and oranges that would rival any store bought tropical fish.
    North American Native Tanks are fast becoming popular type of aquatic fish tank set up in the aquarium hobby
    Bluegill, like ...

    Updated 07-07-2014 at 07:43 PM by Fishhook

  2. Elsa the Ice Betta moved up to a 5.5g today

    Elsa and Gary (the apple ivory snail) got a new home during their water change today. They went from a 3.5 Bow front tank to 5.5G tank.

    I never did like the distorted perspective from the bow front. At least I know not to get a Bow front in the future..just not my thing I guess.

    I used sand as the main substrate with scattered rocks. I also added some aponogeton bulbs for some live fare. I feel I can add acouple more elements to this tank now..another snail or a shrimps ...
  3. The Star of the Tank

    After returning the Tetras, I exchanged them for the peaceful Dwarf Cobalt Blue (or Powder Blue) Gourami.

    He is now the centerpiece of the tank and compliments the gold rasboras nicely.
  4. Dwarf Gourami: Trichogaster lalius

    A usually peaceful and popular aquarium fish, the Dwarf Gourami should be kept with other non-aggressive fish if stocked in a community tank.
    Like the popular Betta, they are also considered Labyrinth fish, meaning they can breathe atmospheric air.

    Minimum Tank Size: 10 Gallons

    Info below, referenced below from:

    Widely distributed through Pakistan, northern India and Bangladesh.
  5. My Fish Disease Notes & Treatment Plan

    Something always goes south when I am least prepared for it. Since I have fish disease on the brain, notes that havenít been lost and research sites still in my phones browser I thought I would be smart and create a post for faster reaction times.

    This is the way I treat issues and is not intended to be a guide for others, just my notes and plan to help my memory lapses. I use less invasive steps first such as cleaning up root causes, stock management, heat, increased air and circulation,
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