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Recent Blogs Posts

  1. adhesive

    I know what most, and rightfully so, will say about this in regards to the chosen adhesive... use a silicone aquarium safe glue.

    Now here me out, I understand, that is in the plans for the future when this experiment is found to be successful and I upgrade to a much larger tank. This is just trial and error.

    I have read several times that people out there have found it successful to use hot glue guns to adhere things that go into their aquariums. I already own a hot ...
  2. tankmates for neon tetras

    Hi All
    This is my first post so please excuse my mistakes. I have a well planted 20 gallon aquarium with 10 neon tetras, 4 ghost shrimp and 2 Jave Ferns. Looking for sugestions on what fish to add in with them. I tried Red Minor Serpae Tetras but that didn't go well they were way to agressive and neons started die. Fin nipping was a big issue still have 4 neons with bits of their tales missing.

    Thanks for your ideas.

  3. Breeding Ghost Shrimp

    I noticed today that one of my ghost shrimp is carrying what I beleive to eggs. They are small and brown or maybe dark green. Are these eggs? And are they fertalized yet? When I was watching the shrimp she was not moving around a lot just sitting on a plant and almost swishing or bouncing around the eggs under her tail. If in fact the eggs are fertalized I would like to separate the shrimp to give the fry a better chance of survival and any tips with that would be great.

    A little ...
    Tags: breed, eggs, ghost, shrimp Add / Edit Tags
  4. Freshwater clams

    Quote Originally Posted by mjfish666 View Post
    I bought some clams off ebay, a few arrived DOA but most were fine. I put them in a container of sand and most of them burrowed, but a few of the larger ones did not but they are still alive. They stay slightly open and close tightly if the are disturbed. To be honest I don't know the species but here is a link of the ebay.
  5. Advice needed

    Quote Originally Posted by tkelich View Post
    I have a very large pond and have raised 10 gold fish and two alge sharkies for about 2 years. About 4 days ago, all of my fish disappeared. They used to come out when fed and I would count them to make sure all of them were there. All of a sudden one of them came out from under the liner flap and darted around then disappeared. I thought I saw a new baby, but even my sharks are hiding. What could be happening? The weather is warmer with very cold nights but my fish have been in a stable environement
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