View Full Version : FS: 10 Gal Hex Tank / 20G Hex stand

10-26-2012, 01:53 AM
Back in the youth of my fish keeping, I acquired this fine woodgrain 10 gallon Hex tank (beware crappy cell phone image and yes.. it IS dirty):

A kind person gifted me a stand - black & metal, which was too big and thus a co-worker cut a nice board for the top so it would fit. As seen here (another crappy photo):

Now I believe the stand is a standard 20G hex size measuring ~18 inches from flat side across the diameter to flat side with side ~11 inches. (Feel free to tell me to re-measure if this sounds wrong) Its sturdy, and solid, but may have some minor wear and tear marks(that white mark is just a paper towel). I'd like $25 for it.

The tank does have a light that does work although the bulb may be a bit out of date for growing plants. It does not come with filter or heater, but if you'd like either play sand or natural river stone (mixed natural tans) gravel I'd be happy to oblige. I'd like $25 for the tank.

However! If you'd take both items off my hands and thus make me feel like a super star of cleaning out the garage I'd be happy to take $35 for both.

I will also consider barters and serious offers. (I will also consider giving them to you if you want to buy the 88 Ford Thunderbird out of the garage too :shappy: )

I live in North Bend. I would be happy to transport into Issaquah or you can meet out here in the boonies. If you drive out here and there are still cookies in the cookie jar (currently snickerdoodles) I will happily sweeten the deal further. For fairly obvious reasons this is a local pickup only.

Send me a PM and we will work out details.