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10-18-2012, 04:16 PM
I have a 77g tank with the following:

Fluval G6 filter
Fluval 405 filter
real driftwood
16 diamond tetras
16 bloodfin tetras
8 (soon hopefully to be 18+) glowlight tetras

My next fish that I want to add is a pleco.Tank is usually kept at 25C. I have had this tank up for about 7 weeks now (although 2 weeks were without fish - long story, see my journal) and am starting to see brown algae on the fake plants and green "mossy" looking algae on my driftwood. I absolutely will not depend on algae to sustain whichever pleco we get; we will feed algae wafers, etc. Water testing is done routinely amm<0.25 (no it is not 0; I have a weird water contaminant that always makes amm show + even when it cannot be), trites = 0 and trates don't get any higher than 20 before a water change. Yes my pH is high at 8.2 but it is very stable.

I had originally wanted BN plecos, but I have seen Bulldog/Rubberlip/ Chaetostoma thomsoni and *really* like them. I don't mind lowering the temp to 24-24.5 as I think the tetras will still be okay with it. I just wonder about the following:

Is the Bulldog pleco going to eat my glowlights? They are small, but probably at least 7/8" long.

Will the Bulldog be okay in my tank? I do have a good (but not huge) amount of flow from the outputs of the filters which can be turned up if necessary.

Just one or can I maybe swing two? My drift wood is huge and I have a lot of fake plants; enough for at least two to have their own territory.

Any other issues you can see or predict that I cannot?

I totally appreciate any and all comments!:thankyouyellow:

10-18-2012, 06:04 PM
While I can't help you with compatibility questions, I would advise you to not put a pleco into a 7 week old tank even though it's cycled. Unless someone else states otherwise, I would wait a bit longer before adding in a bottom dweller.

The brown algae sounds like diatoms which are common in newer tanks and will last a few months - they are harmless & wipe off easily.

10-18-2012, 07:46 PM
Rats. Still too soon, eh? How much longer should I wait do you think?