View Full Version : L-148 LOVES current

10-07-2012, 12:59 AM
Hi guys, I just though I'd share with you the behavior of one of my L-148 plecos.
I recently re positioned one of my powerheads, and the flow is right up against the wall of the tank, flowing along the wall. My pleco sits right in front of the powerhead, just hanging out right in the most powerful part of the current. His body is constantly moving from the force of the current, so it seems pretty strong. He seems really happy there, so can't bring myself to move the powerhead again and deprive him of his hang out spot. Anyone ever noticed their plecos REALLY enjoying current? He only moves to graze on algae. It's actually really cool, keeps him right up on the front wall of the tank where he is always visible.

BTW, the powerhead is 425 GPH.