View Full Version : Lighting upgrade in a saltwater aquarium

09-19-2007, 01:27 AM
Ok, so as the title says, I am contemplating a lighting upgrade for my little bowfront aquarium. It currently has a single 24w 50/50 in it with the ballast mounted in the hood, but what I would like to do is add an additional 24w bulb on a separate ballast so that the two can be turned on or off separately (i.e. use one 10,000K and one actinic for the whole sunrise/sunset simulation). Now this is the part that I am looking for some help with; I would like to use two external ballasts so as to help reduce heat within the canopy. Does anyone know where 24w external ballasts can be found, or does anyone know how to modify a ballast to make it work externally. There is a lighting mod for my biocube that seems to take a 36w ballast and make it remote by lengthening the lead to the bulb from the ballast and placing the ballast in an aluminum box/heat sink. I was able to locate a 24w ballast, but cannot find the lead or ballast box. Any input you all may have is appreciated.

09-19-2007, 04:35 AM
sorry, cant help you. one of the lights on my 20g high is a 24W HO super T-5 with reflector if thats what youre looking for