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07-12-2012, 02:08 AM
After doing some research on google, i think my 10 gallon red cherry shrimp tank has been invaded by Freshwater Limpet - Acroloxus lacustris.

These very small very slow moving white oval spec's. have really multiplied.

I used a magnetic glass cleaner to run them over and I have used paper towels to swipe them up. These little guys really are hard to dispose of let me tell you.

It is amazing how life finds a way to grow in this shrimp tank. I've had a number of worms in the past which I have battled with and lost until I took the tank off line so to speak and really cleaned it out.
Now I have these small limpet things that are multiplying and I am wondering if there a solution to getting rid of them. What eats them? I haven't found an answer to that yet.

Goes to 11!
07-12-2012, 06:58 AM
Dude, Where is all this stuff coming from?

07-12-2012, 07:59 AM
Amazing. I've been keeping aquaria since the mid 1980s and I've never even seen these.

I wouldn't worry too much. You can try a snail trap, see if they go for that. General verdict seems to be that they're harmless.

07-14-2012, 06:24 PM
I really dont know where this stuff is coming from 850R. But it is there and doing really well. hehehe

As for the limpets being harmless wijnands, I totally agree. It's just that they are every where.

I wonder if a pencil fish or two might take care of them? The 10 gallon shrimp tank would not be their permanent home (the 55 gallon would with the rest of their school). I remember reading years ago that pencils like to eat snail eggs. Any thoughts???