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06-21-2012, 01:15 AM
I would like to tell you about one of the Tanks that we have that is very Dear to my heart, it's the home of my Purple Spotted Goby who is a really sick fella & has been for about 10 days now.
He shares a 30 gl Tank with 2 Peach Face Cichlids, an Algea eater & Pleco. I'm baffled because nothing has changed in the Tank & he is the only one sick. I first noticed him breathing rapidly & this has not changed at all, day or so later I seen that one half of his face was turning black like a really bad bruise then his mouth & face seemed swollen, his coloring now is blotchy & his eyes have got this white coating over them completely covering the color of his eye & he's laying on the bottom. I can't get him to eat Blood Worms nor frozen Brine Shrimp, makes me think like his throat is sore but I'm just guessing as a Mom. Also as of yesterday he got these 2 nubs growing underneath his chin like somethings trying to poke out? I've been doing partial water changes, have tried Copper Safe & Pime a Fix but he's the same other then a little of his eye coloring I can see & I'm worried sick about him. My water levels that I had checked on June 8th were Ammonia -0.5, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 20, PH 7.2 Alkalinity 40, Hardness 150, Chlorine 0. I went today & had it tested again & all is normal. I started today (advised by Pet Smart) to add Maracyn Two & Maracyn to the Tank for 5 days which I did in desperation, today as being day 1.
I did post a picture of him in the forum that says for Photos, please excuse the ignorance to this whole thing, I'm new here & just learning my way around as I go. Any information on how to treat him & what it is he has would be greatly appreciated, he'll come right to the glass as if to press against it to show me whats wrong with him as if he's asking for help but I am so dumbfounded at what to do that I just sit there with him for long periods of time as to comfort him by just being with him. I thank you all in advance & am waiting anxiously for any info you may have.
Thank You.

06-21-2012, 12:01 PM
without a good pic, we're just guessing here..easiest way to post pics is to upload them to a photosharing site (ie, photobucket) and then insert the image link into your post.

If I had to guess from your description, sounds like either a parasite (things sticking out of gill) or ammonia (fast breathing). even though your other fish seem ok, he was obviously more succeptable to whatever it is.

10 days is a long time for him to be sick. the best remedy is always identifying early and taking the proper course before it can get out of hand. I would try some water changes as a start every other day while trying to figure out a proper diagnosis. keep your ammonia and nitrate at 0.

06-21-2012, 12:23 PM
What is very important for you to do to help this fish/tank is to get yourself your own test kit - a liquid kit that will be more accurate than what your LFS told you. LFS's use test strips which don't give precise readings - if your tank has over 0 ammonia, you need to be doing daily water changes of at least 50% to get it down to 0 - .5 is way too high - and the only way you will know you've gotten it down is to test the water yourself.

My LFS thinks that ammonia up to a reading of 1.0ppm is fine - it sure isn't!

06-21-2012, 12:27 PM
He shares a 30 gl Tank with 2 Peach Face Cichlids, an Algea eater & Pleco. Car
BTW - are you familiar with the concept of a cycled fish tank?

How long have you had your fish in the tank?

What kind of pleco do you have in there? If it's a common pleco instead of a bristlenose it will get way too large for your tank - just saying.

06-22-2012, 09:43 PM
I'm going to take your advice & purchase my own Test kit. I was able to attach the photo of him to this reply. He's been in this paticular Tank like 7 months now, his original home was with an Eel and 2 Archer fish & a Knight Goby in which he used to bully the Archers & Knight Goby very badly & keep them from getting food at times. Since he has been moved into the Tank with the 2 Peach face Cichlids, he's been very calm if not flirtatious to his new companions. They swim next to eachother & rub their bodies up against eachother & he allows them to eat. The pleco thats in there with him is very small & hasn't grown much since i got him about 6 months ago, I don't remember what kind he is. The algea eater hasn't grown much either.