View Full Version : Have increased my variety ...

05-16-2012, 12:17 AM
Recently got a jungle val and two small crypts for the foreground of my 20. The val is in the back. We'll see how it goes -- I know that crypts tend to melt, or fall apart when they're first transplanted, but these seem to be holding up well. I wanted the smallest species I was aware of -- the parvas, but the LFS didn't have those.They told me these won't get any bigger than they now are -- only a couple of inches tall. They're supposed to spread by runners, so maybe I'll end up with a carpet, eventually?

Gave everything non-copper root tabs, including my Amazon Sword. With the Flourish I've been using, the Anubias are unfurling new leaves.

As soon as I got the jungle val into the substrate, tiny snails latched onto the threadlike leaves (stems?) and I noticed their tips are shredded. No further damage, though.

Anyone have additional suggestions for caring for these plants? They seem quite easy -- all I have is gravel, and the root tabs seem to be sufficing, nutrient-wise.

Tank getting pretty interesting, now. Should have pics, soon.