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09-04-2007, 10:40 AM
Thanks for reading in advance...

1) I noticed the water in my holding bin, which is a trash bin, but not a Rubber Maid, was very hazy this morning. I was going to do a small 3-6 gallon water change by siphoning some fish waste off the barebottom tank. I decided instead to test the water in the bin...it was quite acidic (between 6 and 6.5), which is strange. My water is soft and a PH of 8 coming out of the tap. But I use AmQuil and Neutral Regulator (bring to PH 7) when I replace water into the bin. Could the excessive use of Amquil or the Neutral Regulator cause the acidic value? I thought the Neutral Regulator would keep everything at PH 7. I admit that when I replace only one or two bucket of water for the past several days, estimate to be about 3 gallons each, I over use the amount of Amquil needed to dechlorinate and I also estimate using the Neutral Regulator....so I could conceivable build the chemicals levels up and not be aware of it. Could the chemicals in Neutral regulator or the Amquil actually cause acidic conditions in water?

2) Another possible explanation could be that there is a some sort of reaction between the water and the plastic trash bin. Has that happened to anyone?

3) Or maybe I dont have enought aeration...I use a fluval water pump that is rated for a 12 gallon tank (the bin is beep and 13 gallons)...so it's pretty weak but I could easily add another submerge filter or add an air stone. When I emptied the bin of the water, I could feel a slippery slime on the walls of the bin.

Please advise, as I am very worried that my stored water may not be safe for the discus in my new tank. Thank you all in advance.

09-06-2007, 01:22 AM
I'm not sure why you are storing water in the first place?

Remember that the actual pH is not the most important factor. Stability of pH however is the most important factor. What is the pH of the water in your tanks?