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Suda Nim
05-01-2012, 07:21 PM
Background: I have a 5-gallon planted tank with a betta. The pH has been pretty consistently on the low side: 6.4-6.6. Ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, are all low, temperatures is a steady 78-79 degrees. I have a HOB AC20 with a flow baffle and do a weekly 1-gallon water change (which translates to about 20%).

The tank has a light layer of brown algae on the plants and a whitish fuzz on the driftwood. No other algae.

I started the tank with the betta and an apple/mystery snail, which I fed on algae pellets, carrots, lettuce and other veggies. The betta occasionally poked at it, but I took it as curiosity rather than aggression; the betta never bit at it.

The snail died over the weekend. I don't plan to replace it because I don't know why it died (also, TBH, it was more work than the fish was: blanching and weighting veggies, fishing them out, fishing out uneaten tablets, etc).

But I'm thinking about shrimp, since the betta seems to be fairly peaceful. Are these water parameters suitable for shrimp? And with not much algae, what would I need to feed them?

05-02-2012, 06:34 AM
I have red cherry shrimp with my betta's. Occasionally a couple would go missing but they bred pretty well so I've still got some in there.

But they do fit quite easily in a betta's mouth so they will see them as food!! Just keep that in mind, cause they may all go missing!! ;)

Your ammonia and nitrItes need to be zero, not just low. Shrimp are very sensitive to water quality changes.

You will also need to put something over the intake valve of the filters so the shrimp don't get sucked in or accidentally explore the filter.

Hope this helps!!

05-02-2012, 01:10 PM
As you have some ammonia and nitrites in the water, I would say your tank has not finished cycling yet. I would not put shrimp in your tank until it is cycled.

Have your read the cycling with fish thread here yet ?

There's a link to it below in my sig

Suda Nim
05-02-2012, 03:16 PM
Good points re the ammonia. I did a fishless cycle, but when I changed filters (I kept the media), it went up a bit. And it went up a LOT after the snail died, but I think that was because there was a dead snail in the tank.

I'll monitor for when the mini-cycle is done.