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05-01-2012, 12:01 AM
Kk so my shrimp tank has been set up for a couple of months I have a tetra whisper set up that came with the 10g I have a sponge around the intake that's cycled from my sponge filter I had gotten that was waaaaay too loud for my bedroom that is already wearing down a little from cleaning and water is only at a trickle from the outtake, I don't really think its doing it, the Rcs r a ill sluggish and the snails go up for air lots I think I could use something better, though money is kinda an issue soon I'm thinkin...
1. If It's possible cut down a sponge and put it inside the filter where the carbon that I don't use is supposed to go. Mesh bag around the outtake.
2. Or I get a sponge filter with an air stone on the outtake which is supposed to be quieter though I'm having trouble finding one. Anyone know of a good Make and model? Here's the thing though, cycling... I have a 55g I could cycle it in, I hesitate though cuz its had copper fish meds in it a few months and water changes ago. Can I clean the filter off sufficiently enough so the bacteria doesnt die and the shrimps dont get poisoned?
3. Another option

P.s. in about a year or so when I hopefully have shrimplets galore and my tank is a bit aged Id like a bamboo shrimp in the mix, so a respectable water flow Would be cool any help would b awesome thx!

05-01-2012, 12:58 AM
If it's a 10-gallon tank, get an Aquaclear 20 or even a 30. Seed it with cycled filter media from a CLEAN stable tank -- maybe your LFS will have some or a friend or other family member with an established tank -- and put a new prefilter sponge over the intake tube. I would be hesitant to use media from a tank that has been medicated with copper substances, even if you think the carbon has removed it. It may not be all gone.

You can adjust the flow on an Aquaclear to the desired current strength.

Start out with the best and you'll have the best results.

-- mermaidwannabe

05-01-2012, 01:49 AM
ill prolly do that before my sponge completely falls apart in the near future. just wonderin, if i have a sponge around the intake, do i need one in the filter? thanks for the reply btw!

05-01-2012, 02:26 AM
The purpose of the prefilter sponge is to help keep your main filter media cleaner longer, and also to prevent tiny organisms, such as your shrimp, from being sucked up into the filter through the strainer of the intake tube. You should always keep media inside the main filter. The prefilter is a secondary sponge that can be used in addition to it, but never instead of it.

An Aquaclear hang-on-back filter comes with it's main filter media -- sponge, carbon and mesh bag with a plastic lock for the biomax. The filter hangs externally (outside) your tank, from the rim, with only the intake tube in the water. It comes with a levelor which you can adjust to make sure your filter hangs straight. It also has a flow control valve so you can adjust the current.

It's the intake tube that goes inside your tank that will hold the prefilter sponge, if you choose to use one. You'll have to get one separately, as it isn't sold with the main filter. Usually, these are cylindar-shaped and the premade ones already have the hole in the center so you just slip it onto the end of the tube.

The first thing you should do when you get your Aquaclear is to remove the carbon and replace it with an additional pack of biomax, which you can purchase separately, for the size of your filter.

Try to seed the filter, if you can. Gravel from a stable tank, tied off inside a NEW 100% nylon stocking or sock, cut to fit and laid between the sponge and the biomax, or between the two packs of biomax if you get the extra one, will serve nicely for seeding. Or, use filter media from a stable tank.

If you do get one of these filters and you still have questions about it, please feel free to ask. I use them on my tanks, and am accustomed to working with them.

-- mermaidwannabe

05-01-2012, 11:03 PM
Regarding your 55. Clean the tank and use it. Any copper left when the water did. IF you had rocks in there, there could <--- note that I said could, be some copper compounds in the rock.

Tetra brand filters can use a modified sponge instead of cartridges. I cut Aquaclear type sponges to fit all my filters eventually.