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09-03-2007, 02:22 PM
Hi: As you know, my 5 new discus (2 blue turquoise, 3 red turquoise) are happily living in their 40 breeder tank that I just set up. They are only about 1.5 to 2 inches in size. I purchased the Hikari Bio-Pure blood worm, brine shrimp, and Wattley's frozen cube formula with garlic (do discus get garlic in their native habitat?). I also got the Sera red-color enhancing pellets from Germany...and some generic tropical fish flakes. At this point, the discus loves the bloodworks, so so about brine shrimp and wattley's formula. But they will not touch the Sera pellets or the flakes. I put a cube of blood worm or any other frozen cube in a little tea-seeper, run it under warm/hot water to thaw and wash out the blood and other pollutants, and then discharge the content into the tank so as to minimize water pollution.

My questions is...how do you all get your discus to eat a wide variety of foods? I think even the flakes (properly pre-soaked so they dont balloon in the fish's tummy and cause indigestion) should have some nutrients. I dont want to just feed my fish bloodworms...but if that diet is ok, then I can. Thanks in advance. mike

Lady Hobbs
09-03-2007, 02:49 PM
I have a cupboard full of untouched fish food I thought my fish might like. Krill, 2 kinds of cichlid pellets plus shrimp pellets and algae wafers, tublifex worms a couple different kinds of flakes, seaweed and I can't remember the rest. They eat flake, freeze dried worms and spirulina flakes. That's it!

Yours may eat more variety as they mature but remember, this stuff is all new to them and it may take them a while to figure out what some of that stuff is.

09-18-2007, 11:01 PM
Garlic is used in fish foods as an appitite stimulant. It works so well that pretty much all dried fish foods have some garlic in them if you read the ingredients. It might take a few days but your fish will get hungry and eat, until they start eating just feed a little bit at a time, so you dont foul the water with rotting food. Your discus are really sensitive to there water conditions.

09-19-2007, 02:24 AM
Garlic's main purpose in some foods (including discus foods) is to inhibit the growth of internal parasites.

They are eating, that is step one. Now, get them to eat out of a bowl, it is easier than it sounds. Put a bowl in the bottom of the tank, hopefully you are either bare bottom or sand. The bowl can be either a heavy reptile feeding bowl (Exo-Terra's work well and are relatively natural looking), or they can be ceramic or even human bowls. Ideally it is wide (many can feed at once) and not too deep. I use an undergravel filter tube with a funnel on it to put the food right in the bowl, they learn real quick that the tube means food. Once they associate the bowl with food they will take new foods easily.

As far as your diet for them goes, it is not bad at all, but I highly suggest trying New Life Spectrum. It is hands down the best stuff out there. The best results with it are actually achieved when it is fed exclusively. It is the only thing any of my fish get (including discus) and they are better for it. There are lots of diets out there that will provide great results, but from my experience NLS is the best.

12-12-2007, 12:43 AM
For example one of my discus will eat Hikari micro wafers but the others wonít ,even if they see my other discus eating it and know its food. So the best thing you can do is keep trying new foods until you find something they like. One thing they always seem to eat are blood worms. There is one problem with feeding blood worms to your fish that is very rarely discussed. That problem is leeches, thatís right leeches. They often show up in tanks where live or frozen blood worms are used. Donít worry they are fairly harmless Iíve had them in my tank on a few occasions but Iíve never seen them bother my fish in any way. However if leaches can ride piggy back with blood worms than so can other, more dangerous parasites! Thereís a little trick Iíve heard about over the years to help combat this problem. First measure out 1cup of water, then empty one pack of frozen blood worms into that cup of water and let them unthaw. Next add 4 drops of Formalin to that cup of water and thawed blood worms and gently mix. Wait 10 min then drain off all the excess water and rinse the blood worms 2 or 3 times with freshwater. Then use a spoon to scoop up the blood worms and add them back to the package they came in or into a small ice cube tray, cover it with plastic wrap and put it back in the freezer.. But since youíre using a big name brand like hikari blood worms I wouldnít really worry about it. At worst you might get the odd leech every once in a while. Opps, :hmm3grin2orange: HaHaHa I just realized that had nothing to do with your question. Sorry about that lol. Maybe it was Fishguyís mentioning of internal parasites that got me thinking about it. :ezpi_wink1: Heís right about garlic. When I went to Cambodia a few years back with my buddy to visit some of his relatives he told me to eat a clove of garlic after every meal unless I cooked it my self.. Gotta love food in the third world.thumbs2: . Nothing like a 6ft tape worm to remind you of your vacation in Asia.:hmm3grin2orange: LoL