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04-15-2012, 11:44 AM
Ok - woke up early this morning and turned on the room lights for a while before I turned on the tank lights. I saw my bamboo shrimp under the driftwood log I have (faux driftwood), and saw him scurry a little further underneath once I turned on the tank lights - he doesn't like it when I turn on the lights.

Anyway, less than an hour later I started my water changes and I cannot find that shrimp anywhere in the tank! He's vanished. Other than actually taking the driftwood piece out of the tank , I've searched everywhere. I even used my glass scraper to "hook" the driftwood up and scootch it around a little to roust him out if he was hiding somewhere in back - nothing. It's not a big piece and I can't imagine it would be able to hide in back without me at least seeing a tail or feeler sticking out or something.

I've searched around the tank and the floor thinking maybe he crawled out the opening where the heater and filter are? Would they do that?

I'm just stumped. I have the lights off now, figuring maybe he's just hanging on to that driftwood for dear life and now that I'm not fussing in the tank, he'll come out. I was afraid to move it around too much for fear of crushing him or something!


04-15-2012, 01:48 PM
Bamboos are notorious for hiding. A water change is more than enough excuse for them to hide out. The more you stir up the tank looking for it, the more it will be spooked.

I had five at one time, and was lucky to catch a glimpse of one at any given time.

Leave it be and count yourself lucky you see him at all, lol.

04-16-2012, 11:11 AM
I finally stuck my arm in and lifted up the fake driftwood log I have in there and I noticed there were two holes in the bottom and it must have hidden in there because a few hours later, there he was, sitting there filtering away! The holes were sitting right on the gravel, so I didn't think anything could get up inside there, but he apparently wriggled in there. My son thought the room lights had been on for a while this morning but I had just turned them on and when he turned the tank lights on, the shrimp freaked and was darting everywhere and is now gone, so I'm assuming he's back in that hole - mine doesn't seem to like the light at all. He's always hiding underneath the driftwood in a little "cave" it forms.

Another question of you don't mind - he's been filtering like normal, but yesterday I did notice him picking the gravel so I'm worried it's not getting enough to eat. I pulverize freeze dried blood worms to feed some fry I'm raising and I've been putting some of that in the tank for the shrimp, but I guess it's not enough. I put a couple of bottom feeder tabs in last night - that's what I feed my cory's with - will those help feed him or do I need something special (other than fry food - I'm going to get some of that asap)?



04-16-2012, 12:44 PM
I never fed mine. At night after lights out it will be out and about feeding, not staying in that one spot like it does during the day. You may be right that it may not be finding much to eat where it spends the most time, but likely its getting enough to eat overnight.

In a normally stocked tank, there is generally enough micro bits left over from regular feeding to keep a bamboo going...not saying not to feed him, but likely it is fine. The more nutrients you put in your water tho - a shrimp obviously can't filter the whole volume trying to get all the micro-food you put in - the more likely you are to have algae/nitrate issues.

If you want to help feed him better, you might want to assess the flow in the tank - more flow means better circulation of all the water and would make more food accessible to the shrimp.

your welcome!

04-16-2012, 08:19 PM
I just changed to a 30 AC filter from a TopFin 20 (the tank is 20 gallons). I know I'm feeding too much and am in the process of tinkering so the rest of the fish get something besides the hog platies I have! The shrimp does hang out underneath the log right at the bottom of the tank under the stream from the filter outflow. And I noticed him pooping, so I'm assuming he's getting food in, in order to get poop out lol!

Thanks for the tips - this is my first critter besides fish and so far, he's a fascinating little guy!