View Full Version : when can I get my baby discus now?

08-30-2007, 08:01 PM
Hi everyone: I bought a new 40 gallon breeder tank a week ago and set up a barebottom tank with several large amazon swords potted in terra cotta pots placed in the tank. I figure this will allow the tank to have plants and all their benefits, and still be able to keep the bottom of the tank clean to maintain water quality (ease of siphoning and seein what needs to be removed). My water comes out of the tap very soft and temporarily high in PH...at 8-9. But over a few days, the ph drops to around 6.7. So I will use Seachem's "neutral regulator" to bring the ph to 7, and I will added some Seachem "equilibrium" to increase the calcium and magnesium level in the tank (GH upped a little but good for the plants). The PH is holding at between 6.5 and 7.0 (can't really tell with the two slight difference in color from the chart and the water in my test vial), the water is ot very slightly hard in GH (50 ppm), and has a Kh of about 80-90 ppm. But in any case, I also used Bio-Spira on my Emperor bio-wheel 400 filter and all water indicators seem fine with no nitrite, nitrate and the temp is set at 85 F. I conditioned the water with Prime as well. I have added 6 rummy noed tetras three days ago, and they are doing fine, eating and their noses are red....
The water was cloudy yesterday, but this morning, it became crystal clear. The planst are beautiful in their pots, and I figure the pots will add the geographical dimensions for these discus to demarcate their territories...and give some the places they need to hide. I also painted the bottom of the tank (on the outside) with non-toxic grey paint so that the fish in the tank will not be disoriented with an "endless" see-through glass bottom. So is everything about ready for my beloved discus? I intend to do smaller water changes every three days (15 gallons each time) to keep up the quality...I also have peat pellets ready to be placed in stocking bags and submerged into the tank once the discus arrives. Did I miss anything? Can I get these discus soon?

08-30-2007, 08:16 PM
does the water go into your aquarium right away, so your tank ph is 8-9 then goes to 6.7? then you put it to 7. that much of a PH swing would really stress out any fish, it also shows you have almost no buffering capacity in your water, and keeping a ph the same may be difficult. instead of raising the ph i would add a buffer so your ph is stable.

08-30-2007, 08:53 PM
My tap is at ph 8-9. I would put that water in my big 13 gallon bin for standing at least overnight. It is in that container that I will raise the temp to at least 82 F and adjust the ph down using the "neutral regulator" to 7 from 8-9 quickly and keep it there. Then when I need to change the water, I siphon the tank water out the windown, then replace with the water from the holding bin. It is also in the holding bin that I will add Prime to condition the water (remove clorine, Chloromin, and ammonia)

Also, I assume that I am using the "Neutral Regulator" correctly....bringing the water from 8-9 to 7 using the dosage on the back of the container in my holding bin. I know that my water has no bufffer. But I thought the Neutral Regulator would buffer it to 7. I am adding the Equilibrium (calcium and magnesium) into the tank directly.

08-30-2007, 08:57 PM
get the "discus regulator" instead. the ph is exact on that one. i think api makes it

08-30-2007, 08:58 PM
ok thanks for clearing that up for me mike.

08-30-2007, 09:06 PM
I stated that my water becomes acidic to about 6.8 in the long run....and this is good for discus. I only use the Neutral Regulator to quikly bring the PH down from the temporary level of 8-9 out of the tap, and use it in the tank to make life easier for me through all this water adjustment confusion. I am actually very confused about HOW to go about LOCKING the PH at 6.8. I know that there is the Acid Buffer and the Alkaline Buffer. But I am not sure how to use it following the ratio in the back, and I am also not sure exactly how long it takes for my water to actually drop to 6.8 from the high of 8-9 out of the tap. So, I figure the simplest way is to bring my water to 7 using the Neutral Regulator...and hopefully it will stay there for all the water that I use in the tank and in the holding bin. Is this the most straightforward way to deal with my water condition for discus? I just dont know how to make sure the water stay slightly acidic, and to increase the Alkalinity, or the buffer or the KH (all the same) without raising the PH. So this is why I just opted for the Neutral Regulator to bring everything to 7 and keep it there. I dont want to breed these fish...just want them to be healthy and happy.

My water, again, comes out of the tap very soft, and high in ph at 8-9. I use the Neutral Regulator to bring everything to 7 and keep the PH there. But I know that my water would naturally want to be at 6.5-6.8 in the long run. But I dont know how long it would take for it to get there on its own, or how to lock it there once it's there. This is why I opted use the Neutral regulator to bring the Ph to 7. It seems easiest through my own confusion. I have tried to read a ton on water chemistry, but i just dont understand it...and I hated chemistry in college.

08-31-2007, 12:41 AM
If you aerate the water in your holding tank overnite I believe you will find that the PH will have dropped and should stabilize . The less you do chemically to the water the better off you and the discus will be. Remember that young discus require daily wc of 50% in order to develop properly

08-31-2007, 01:48 AM
I just filled a glass with my tap water. I will test it tomorrow and see if the ph falls naturally...and continue to test through the weekend to see how far it falls before it stabilizes at some point. If it indeed does fall on its own, then I can aerate the water in the holding tank, and avoid using the Neutral Regulator and just let my water fall to its acidic normal tendency...which is both soft and acidic for the new discus. I can also use peat to acidify and soften the water even more.

ONE question....will the use of peat in a ph 7 buffered tank cause the ph to swing wildly? Also, if I dont use the regulator, and let the PH fall to its natural 6.8, will the use of peat cause a ph crash (remember that I have naturally soft water, with hardly any buffer ability of its own). In short, does peat have its own buffering ability? Or does peat cause a continuous decline in ph to dangerous level? Thanks in advance. mike