View Full Version : 2 guppy dead

03-27-2012, 03:55 AM
Hello , i got 6 guppy about 2 weeks ago . They have been in quarantine tank for one week and they were fine . When i moved them to the main tank, one female started to hide in plants and didn't eat ( and at day if she did leave plant she was near surface and wasn't active at all) . I thought that she was stressed and i moved her back to quarantine tank ( and her tail looked like other fish had bitten her . i don't think its fin rot because all other fish are ok ) . She died a day later , after i saw that i have one guppy that is most of the time is near the surface of water but it did play with other guppy's and still eats but few days later i find him stuck against filter intake and glass and he wasn't feeling well , i moved him to quarantine tank and he floated like a dead fish and then swimed again but he died shortly after with no sign of sickness . Now i have two other guppys that swim near the surface but thay still eat like the other one and two other guppys are ok and the rest of fish are ok too . I would like to know if its any sickness .

Its a 90 gallon tank , been running for about 6 months , ph 7 , ammonia at 0 , i have co2 for plants that work at day and normal air pump that work at night . I do water changes of 10-15% each 2 days . I thought at first it might be cause of co2 but other fish swims correctly and don't grasp for air

03-28-2012, 04:00 AM
It might be the stress of a new tank and a big one at that.

What are the other inhabitants in the tank? How heavily is it planted? How long were the guppies acclimated for?

It doesn't sound like any illness to me. Water changes will help prevent that though (not that guppies really add all that much bioload to a 90g assuming proper filtration).