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03-10-2012, 02:20 PM
so my sword tail quickly became sick. he is not new, and water params are all good. i have several other fish in the tank, and none seem to be affected.

so i guess the best way to describe it is his body is now like "humpbacked" instead of the very straight from nose to end of tail like most are, his back seems to arch upwards and then around after his top fin ends, starts to arch downwards, (i.e his tail instead of pointing straight out points towards the ground). now it's starting to look like his fins are getting eaten by something. they are deteriating slowly as his "body" has been like that for several days with no change (not better or worse) and the tail and fins are just starting to show signs of deterioration and clamping. hes not eating well, but still tries, hes having issues moving around. and often just hangs out in one spot. (he was only staying at the bottom, i put one of those breeder things in that i have and seperated him hoping this would give him more of a chance to eat, howerever now hes just swimming at the top.) instaid of his tail like moving back and forth, his whole body moves, as if his tails "dead" and hes shaking the rest of his body instead.

any ideas?
the reason im asking is because im assuming the fin deterioation may be fin rot, but what is causing his body to now act like it is? and that came first, no other fish seem to be affected.
im wondering what it is, or what i may be able to treat it with. ALSO, i have a net breeder that sits int he tanks with about 15 molly or platy (cant tell lol) fry, is it safe to use the medicines with them in, or should i invest in another tank or something. i dont currently have a quarentine tank, id like to have more tanks i can use but my wife isin't really a fan and only allows us to keep them because our daughter loves them, so its probably out of the question. (i think its less the fish and more we are out growing our place and its pretty cluttered as it is)


03-11-2012, 11:44 AM
edit: today no change, doesnt seem to be getting better or worse, still havent seen anything spread to any other fish. doesnt seem like the tail / fins have deteriorated from the few times ive seen them, hes mostly keeping them clamped. his eating is still fairly weak, he ate about 1 half a flake and thats it. still hoping someone might have some insight on what this could be, or atleast what i could try to cure this.

03-12-2012, 11:50 AM
another update, the fish seems to be loosing scales, or atleast changing colors? im not sure, but there are several blotches on him that are white. they defninately dont look like sores or lesions, just like hes shedding scales or something =/. his fins look slightly better after a treatment of finrot and antifungal medicine. atleast they arent clamped anymore and there is no futher deterioration that i can see. he isint eating and his body is still mishapened though. =/

03-12-2012, 03:31 PM
I don't really know how to put this, or how your fish could even contract this, but it sounds a lot like tuberculosis...

Here is my source:

Tuberculosis (http://www.fishdeals.com/fish_diseases/curved_spine/)

Unfortunately, if it is tuberculosis, you should immediately quarantine that fish, and begin sterilizing anything that has come into contact with it. You should also be weary of your own health as fish TB can have impacts on human health.

If you really want to save your fish, antibiotics will be your best bet (if it is in fact TB), but you should realize that antibiotics will wreak havoc on your tank if you can't isolate the affected fish and treat it separately.

You may want to start a mild bacterial treatment on your main tank so that other fish arent affected.