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03-02-2012, 08:47 AM

I have an empty 30L (8gal) tank sitting in shed and id like to try make my first DIY background.

Iv been doing a bit of research and i realize there are much better materials than clay however i have bags of airdrying clay in the shed and it would be great if i could use it. Iv also done a bit of clay sculpting in the past so id prefer using clay Smiley.

I cant seem to find much info on the net and was hoping you guys know something about DIY backgrounds..

Q.1) Is clay safe once its properly sealed? (Iv saw a few pictures of clay DIY backgrounds however the description wasn't in English)
Q.2) what would you recommend using to seal it once its dried.
Q3) If clay isn't an option What would you guys recommend using?


03-02-2012, 03:28 PM
i couldnt really tell you or not if its safe but to my knowledge clay is relatively inert and as long as theres no additives in it i couldnt really see and issue, but im not 100% so someone else please chime in!

as far as sealing it ive been reading a lot about people using drylok to seal. im actually in the middle of a DIY build for my hermit crabs tanks to give it a test before i build one for my 75gal.

only thing holding me up is having to silicone it to the tank but im working a way around that with sealed n48 neodymium magnets.

for mine im using polystyrene and quickrete, but clay may work as long as its inert and wont absorb the water and slowly start falling apart