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02-17-2012, 01:24 PM
Sorry about the long story but, needs to be told as this is not a burn by some kind of water imbalance:

Just before Christmas I went out to do my shopping, came back and went to my room to hide from my sister and wrap her presents. When I was there I glanced at my tank and to my horror found all my fish apart from my Danios (who were swimming fine) seemingly dead at the bottom of my tank.
In a panic I shouted down to my mom to bring me a net whilst I scooped my pictus catfish into the emergency jug I keep in my room (I probably shouldn't have but obviously I thought they were dead and they get caught in nets) then netted out all my fish. My water was ice cold but all my other components e.g filter were running and they all run off the same plug socket so my heater had broke at some point (they were fine in the morning so I have no idea what happened or when). I'd managed to get all my fish out (apart from Danios, mom advised me not to) and put them in an old coldwater tank I used to keep minows in that I use for disasters now. My fish were barely breathing and not moving (they were in their tank water) so I did probably a bad thing by tipping warm water into the tank away from the fish and swam them around individually, luckily I started to revive them all.
Meanwhile, my mom has added 2 of our backup heaters to my tropical tank. Now, I'd just like to add that these heaters are very very powerful. They were used to heat our custom built marine aquarium (I'd tell you gallons but we don't own it anymore due to moving) which "massive" would be an understatement for. She's gave them a quick swill just in case there is any salt and has stuck them both at opposite ends of my 50g tank (may hold more but not much more). I have no idea this is going on but she has them both on highest setting and only one is guarded (I think you can guess where this goes...) so whilst I'm busy reviving my semi-dead fish, mom is under way potentially killing the others. She shouts down "Charlotte get up here now! We have a problem!"
So I run upstairs to find one of my leopard Danios lying on the bottom of my tank motionless next to an unguarded heater. I won't repeat what I said because it would be censored but lets just say that I went absolutely ape at her.

The Danio WAS fried quite badly by this heater, but I thought there was absolutely no chance it was going to survive, was barely breathing let alone swimming! Anyway, me being a really bad fish owner grabbed my breeding trap thing and put him in it because the others were attacking it like a swarm of bees, then I added something that protects the scales (I hadn't actually dealt with a burn so just assumed that would protect against infection or something), put the other fish in when the water was 24/25C and just sat with them and watched, trying to help the Danio swim occasionally. I fed them all some flake but obviously the Danio didn't eat, then I went to bed. Outcome of the day: 1 x partially paralysed pictus cat, 1 x badly burnt Danio.

The next day the pictus cat was perfectly fine and eating like a zombie (excuse the pun) and my Danio was alive, it was flapping about which was better but it had a huge, red, angry looking lump between the one of the pectoral fins and it's body as well as marks all over that same side. It still couldn't swim but it was trying and it was eating which is a good sign.

He's made a full recovery as regards the scales are fine (unless you look really closely and it looks scarred in a way) but this lump hasn't gone. He isn't pale/darker, he's swimming fine, he's eating well, no weight loss, no rubbing, no parasites, nobody in the tank has it, no symptoms of any other disease, no bloating etc... He's actually been spawning/mating with the females so nothing is actually wrong that I'm aware of it just looks nasty. Don't get me wrong: it's not worsening but it doesn't seem to be getting better and although he can still swim normally it is affecting his ability to swim, if only slightly.

I can't take a picture as I don't have a camera right now but has anyone else had a fish burnt and got a lump like this? I haven't done anything to treat it but my mom has suggested using a tiny bit of salt - would this make a difference? I highly doubt it's infected because it's been there well over a month and he isn't ill in himself and the lump doesn't look worse, I've just never really had experience with it and don't know what to do or whether I should be concerned.

It is about 1mm in radius, not really a circle and follows the entire joining and also just along the front edge of the fin in a triangular shape about 2mm long. It is pretty much the same shade as human blood and at a glance actually looks like the fin has started to be ripped out but on closer inspection it is like a really nasty raised lump.

My water was tested by my LFS as I've been having troubles with my testing kit (I didn't realise at the time but my reagents are out of date), I've ordered the Hagen master kit but basically my water is quoted at "perfect" with no Nitrogen compounds and PH of high 6 (I think 6.9, I have a memory problem, sorry) but I don't remember my other numbers... But my waters are perfect all the time as far as I know, I make sure of it. I'll answer any questions if you need any answered... But I mention the test kit thing because it isn't going to be possible for me to test my water for any reason any time soon as I also cannot drive and both my parents work.
I don't know how much heat the heaters gave out though, we recently sold them on as we don't need them and the money we got went toward Christmas. I do have a heater now obviously but it's guarded and the same as my last. Sorry I can't be much help there, I only know the heaters we bought for the tank were the strongest we could find on the market. I didn't actually play a part in buying them though to be honest, my job was fish and water research.

But main questions I have: Is this fish burn something I should be worried about, is it likely to be permanent and will it have an effect on the life of my Danio (health, life expectancy etc)?

02-17-2012, 01:50 PM
If there is anything that I have noticed about danios, its their ability to recover from physical injury.

02-17-2012, 01:53 PM
And their stubborn will to survive... I love them.