View Full Version : Shopping list for the new piranha tank?

05-18-2006, 02:35 AM
i was looking thru some of the aquarium catalogs and was wondering what everyone's opinion and/or recommendations on the following stuff is so i know what's ok to put in the tank and yes there will be live plants in it too:

skimmer(?), powerhead, submersible heater, CO2 system(?), pure laterite, arag-alive or colored gravel for a substrate, a decent LCD thermometer & a under gravel filter

05-18-2006, 04:01 AM
Ok. Here are whats come to mind.

Skimmer. Not really necessary in a freshwater tank.
powerhead, submersible heate = recommended.
CO2 system is easily made and only necessary if you are going to keep sensitive plants.
LCD thermometer. Always good to have.
Under gravel filter. I would avoid it in a planted tank.

05-18-2006, 04:14 AM
thanks william. any particular brand better than others? never used a powerhead b4 so not exactly sure how to use one :oops: all i know is that it's for circulating the water in tank.

what about filters? should a back of the tank be good enough or do i need one of those canister types?

05-18-2006, 04:53 AM
Well eheim have always meant quality but today there are other good brands aswell.

A canister filter is better but perhaps not necessary,

05-18-2006, 10:54 AM
I have an LCD thermometer, it was a pain in the rear since I had to change the battery in it every 3 months, traded it in for good old fashioned mercury one.Unless it's solar powered I wuoldn't bother with LCD thermometers.

05-26-2006, 07:30 PM
sorry haven't posted in a few days(been fighting with the sellers on the house to get moving on the paperwork :roll: )....... what would be a decent brand for a canister filter? one of the guys I know had a bio-wheel and a canister filter running in his 55gal tank but he doesn't remember what brand he had but i remember the water was perfectly clear all the time.

05-26-2006, 08:10 PM
I always recommend Eheim over other types of filters.

05-26-2006, 09:32 PM
thanks william. i have seen a bunch of different types on ebay but just didn't know which brand is better than another.


05-29-2006, 01:57 PM
does anyone know about either the JEBCO Odyssea CFS4, FLUVAL 205 or Eheim Pro II Deluxe 2026?

We're close to a closing date on the house finally and am trying to get everything together for the 55gal so as soon as we finish the downstairs of the house i can get it set up.


05-30-2006, 06:11 AM
Have no clue about the JEBCO. Fluval is good but I have had some fluval filters that have been a bit loud and others that has been very good. Don't know that particular Eheim.

05-30-2006, 12:13 PM
great thanks. that helps alot :)