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11-25-2011, 07:58 PM
I have embarked on a quest to construct a 100 gallon community tank. I will be using an old desk as the base and stand and to hold the wet/dry and sump. I am repurposing a 30 gallon tanks glass for this project. The desk is 25 1/2 inches deep by 51 inches wide. I removed the stock legs, since I dont think they will hold up to 800 pounds and replaced them with 2 pieces of rough cut 2x4 red oak skids. I am calling this a hardwood tank, due to me not using plywood except as a shelf to hold the sump underneath. (I will post pics tonight).

I have 500 feet of 9inch wide Shadowlastic Window tape. Its 20 mil Polypropelene backed with Butyl Rubber. Both are fish safe, but since I have so much of this tape, can it be used to waterproof the tank. I will use primer and krylon fusion to line the grooves where the glass will be siliconed in ( i will be using all 4 pieces of glass for a window on each side) I know pictures say 1000 words, but will not have any until this evening.

Basically, I would line the desk top with three layers, overlapping the seams. I would then cut my window frames and line them with 2 layers making sure that the ends that would meet other wood would be taped as well, then before screwing them together, spread silicone as a gasket as well as siliconing the seams later. And them repeat the steps when adding the frames to the desk. I have reinforced the desk with treated 2x6 to be abvle to hold the weight.

Inside dimensions would be 48x23x23 lxwxh, the water would only be 18" due to the map turtles residing there.

Any suggestions?

11-25-2011, 09:55 PM
If I was thinking about a project like this, I would be concerned the glass was thick enough to hold the weight / pressure when the tank would be filled with water. That would be the first thing that I would want to check.

It might be easier just to use silicone the glass together using aquarium safe silicone.

You could try looking a some tanking building videos on you-tube

11-26-2011, 03:16 PM
not worried about glass thickness, its 1/4 inch, which will be reinforced by 2x6 wood frame with groove cut out to house the glass which will be siliconed in. My concern was if anyone had used shadowlastic tape before...