View Full Version : When is a new tank SPS ready?

11-19-2011, 01:14 AM
The new aquarium is about two months old and I still have twenty-some sps corals sitting in the old tank. I want to move them over but not sure if the tank can support them just yet. I did some research and general rule of thumb seems to be "a tank is sps ready when it can grow 'quarter sized' coralline algae on the glass." Is there any truth to this?

I currently have a few sps pieces in the tank already to test the waters so to speak. There are three caps and all have grown well and maintained great color. Two digis, one is a larger piece and has been doing well, the other is a small frag that hasn't grown much, if at all, and the color isn't great. Two encrusting montis which are doing awesome, I also have a ice fire echinata which seems to be doing alright. The color was better in the old tank, but the piece has been growing well.

There isn't much coralline on the glass. I have a few smaller rocks and pumps covered in coralline from prior tanks but it hasn't spread too much yet.

Maybe I'm just paranoid - I just don't want to lose any of my nicer/LE sps pieces.

11-19-2011, 01:26 AM
I waited until my parameters were stable for one month and were within SPS standards before adding my first one to my 90 gallon. I added mostly acros and a branching montie with the 5th month of my set-up being stocked.

They are still growing like weeds

I have never heard of that rule of thumb before. I would think it might not be accurate. I have seen tanks that were about 1 year old and jam packed with SPS and minimal coraline.

I think the stable parameters within the range your SPS need is the key

11-19-2011, 01:28 AM
It all depends on what kind of SPS. Some SPS species are more sensitive than others. Your Montipora species are a bit more hardy than something like Acropora, Pocillopora, Stylorphora and especially Seriatopora. I'd say hold off on the other species for a little while longer. It's better to play it safe.

11-19-2011, 07:26 AM
Thanks for the replies

I've never heard of that rule of thumb either until I found it on a few different sites. Though general advice like that spread like wildfire and still not be true. I have a tank that's loaded with coralline but I would never but my sps in there and I've seen stores set up brand new systems and load them up with sps a week later. I was curious to see how many people actually followed this "coralline" method.

I'm more focused on the stability of the system and so far so good. I opted with the montis because, as stated, they're fairly hardy. Everything looks good in the tank so far but my anxiousness may be getting the best of me.

Think I'll wait a bit longer and see how the params are and go from there.