View Full Version : New to Ghost Shrimp, need a little help...

11-15-2011, 02:35 AM
I just inherited a few ghost shrimp (and some sort of small green goby-type fish that I am not familiar with) from a friend. I have only ever kept saltwater shrimp species. Currently my tank houses a few swordtails, a couple of black skirt tetras, and 3 feeder goldfish that survived the initial tank cycling (and now the shrimp and "goby"). I had been adding a small amount of aquarium salt with water changes, should I continue to do so or will it harm the shrimp?
I suppose the salt is not completely neccesary, I was using it for the swordtails. I think they are just as well without it, but if I don't have to stop I would like to continue.
I know this is not the correct forum, but any ideas about the goby fish?? I have also had many saltwater gobies, and I think I have heard of freshwater species as well? It looks, moves, and behaves just like the saltwater type. I am almost certain but need confirmation.. It is about 3/4", an irridecent green with the rounded fins and almost beak-like shaped face similar to some saltwater gobies. Stays at bottom for the most part, darting- as opposed to swimming- from one "perch" to the next. Again, just like saltwater counterparts.
Any advice is appreciate, thanks in advance!