View Full Version : Turquoise Rainbow Aggression???

11-04-2011, 02:52 AM
Went today and bought a group of 5 Turquoise Rainbows for our 56 Gallon community. Researched them before we went and it seemed they would fit right in (we already have 1 dwarf neon, the original plan was for a school, but we're having a heck of a time finding them). We have an assortment of community fish including mollys, corys, otos, rasboras, bloodfin tetras, and glowlight tetras, as well as a dwarf gourami and honey gourami. Added the turquoise. Now suddenly we have two fish dying (a bloodfin whose face is gone! and a glowlight tetra who has no apparent wounds) .. We have been watching and see no aggression, but I don't understand what happened, our tank is always very peaceful :( Advice?