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08-09-2011, 07:50 PM
Hello, my girlfriend recently got a turtle and a brand new tank which led me to search forums for info and I got very interested in DIY projects.
I'm especially interested in scuplting rocky formations with styrofoam and cement.

First project I have in mind is adding some rocky decorations to give the tank some life as for now its fairly empty and undecorated.

So it got me thinking of alternatives to concrete and I got an idea.

Instead of coating with concrete I would use an aquarium safe glue and cover it with sand. It would give the same rocky effect without the chemicals.

All that would be left is to seal it and paint it with acrylic paint.

As I'm still in the drawing board phase I would appreciate some tips and help.

08-09-2011, 09:20 PM
Sounds like your doing a Marine Epoxy/Pea Gravel/Sand Coated sculpture. I wanted to make one of these myself, but cannot get the expenses in line yet.

08-10-2011, 03:21 AM
So with some more research and just random looking around, I got another idea. Rather than using some sort of glue / sand coating.

I'm thinking of using concrete afterall, however I would totally seal it with a product called liquid rubber. It creates a completely water tight seal, so if I covered the whole formation it would seal the concrete away.

Not having to worry about any chemicals leeching into the water. As for color, it dries black and we know krylon fusion paint is aquarium safe.

Check list:
-Rocky worn look and details
-Chemical free
-Painting with aquarium safe paint

So far this seems like a safe method as for price I'm not too sure.

Possible problems?
-Cost not being worth it
-The rocky detail might be covered up by the rubber
-Lots of work
-Especially for a turtle, claws might wear away at the rubber (maybe)...