View Full Version : Craigslist coming through for me, well sort of

08-05-2011, 04:17 AM
Well, as some know, I've been hunting down the Platy Metropolis tank for a little while now. Basically a 60 Gallon Plus, to upgrade my 16 Gallon Bow front.
Anyway, I have finally found a 1 dollar and under per gallon selection. As of today, Craigslist in my area has some 10 gallon tanks for approximately $10 per piece with some equipment. OH WELL, I need a fry tank and/or quartantine tank anyhow. My wife is absolutely steamed, as if the people respond, I'm getting a free 10 gallon with hood, light, substrate, and filter for free. Basically a free fry tank, lol. Just set up, fishless cycle, with booster from mine, add live plants and away it goes. Well, will know tomorrow if I get the freebie, if not, there were a few for $10.00. I emailed em all, so whoever responds first, gets rid of their tank, lol. thumbs2:

Just wish it was the Metropolis ... Oh well, the hunt continues.

08-06-2011, 12:50 AM
There is nothing wrong with getting some deals on used tanks. Well done bignellm.thumbs2:

08-06-2011, 01:13 AM
It sure is easier to buy a used tank dirt cheap than going out and buying a new tank for big bucks. The only problem is you don't know the condition of the seals or scratches on the tanks itself or trim/seals. Then again, it's an easy fix if it is so you still win in the end LOL. Good find. thumbs2:

08-06-2011, 01:45 AM
The haul from my 10 gallon escapade?
1 10 gallon Tetra Aquarium
1 Tetra pf10 Hanging waterfall power filter w/biosponge attachment
1 Hood
1 18" Functioning Florecent Light, w/ working bulb
1 sunken pirate ship decoration
3 silk/rayon aquatic plant decorations
1 50 watt generic, made for Big box store submersible tank heater
1 Small Air Pump, motor works, doesn't pump air (punctured diaphragm?)
1 Small net
1 Large Water Lettuce
3 inches of psychedelic Gravel
1 Plastic Unmarked bag of River Pea Gravel?
1 Zebra Danio
1 Grey and Wild looking female Guppy
4 Ghost Shrimp
2 Goldfish 3" each approx. 1 Fantail 1 Bubble Eye (Both Dead in transit to Petstore for rehome--result: Recycled to some very large Meat Eating Fish)
1 30 Oz approx of Tetra Aqua Safe (no telling how old)
1 Can of Wardley Goldfish flake food
1 Can of Goldfish Crumbles
Tank is set up and slowly clearing up from the dusty cloudiness of the gravel. Gravel was cleaned, cleaned, and rinsed some 20x, still made water cloudy from dissolved minerals. Is likely common Pea Gravel from a garden center.
Likely made the PH skyrocket into the 8-9 range. Own no test, didn't get any test kit with the tank. Also had to clean tank thoroughly, as well as the heater, and filter. Filter had mold growing on the media. I used a solution of bleach on this, but opted to use my own Tetra Whisper 2 HOB instead, as I had no new media for the little Tetra filter.

Found the rating on filter as well, it's rated for 5-10 gallon tanks. So, it's a Betta Filter in my humble opinion. I am thus putting the Filter I received back on Craigslist tonight. I will also tear the air pump apart to see if anything can be fixed.

A Shameful $20.00
Although I paid 2.00 per gallon, I hope to recoup some with selling the filter for $10.00. I will be saving up to change my Whisper out for a AC 20 asap. Since I received fish, that are hardy, I plan on doing the hard thing and cycling with 2 fish and 4 Ghost Shrimp. Should be not fun. LOL *Hangs head in shame* :violin: :roulette:

On a funny note, my Tetra Whisper 2 is nosier, motorwise than my Fluval C3.
I literally hear a Hmm,Hmm,Hmm,Hmm,Hmm,Hmm,Hmm from it. All I hear from the Fluval is water falling.

08-06-2011, 01:47 AM
It sure is easier to buy a used tank dirt cheap than going out and buying a new tank for big bucks. The only problem is you don't know the condition of the seals or scratches on the tanks itself or trim/seals. Then again, it's an easy fix if it is so you still win in the end LOL. Good find. thumbs2:

Seals are in good shape. No leaks. I did have a slight concern with the thinness of a seal in the bottom, but thoroughly tested and found no water leak so far.

08-06-2011, 01:51 AM
Let me guess...this guy was selling the tank because the fish kept dying and he couldn't fix it, right?:fish2:

2 3" goldfish in a 10g. No wonder the poor things died:scry:

At least the tank is in good hands now :19:

08-06-2011, 02:10 AM
Well, it was a miracle they lasted the 6 months he said he had it. I think the clean water he put them in shocked them to death actually. Water was foul to the sniffer, soon as he lifted the hood. Although, he didn't admit to any deaths, I would suspect there was a chain of unsolved deaths in the tank.

Tank is in better hands :22: for sure.
It only houses a fraction of what it did, and I doubled the filtration by swapping out for an old one I have. lol

Hope I can get a cheap AC20 for it on CL or just a new one.
Then I can complete the cycle tons faster. I never was able to get the Whisper to fully cycle.

At least the two 1" fish lived. Though I worry about the Danio. They are schoolers, right? Guppy seems fine, though is a real plain jane.

08-06-2011, 02:14 AM
I would think you should be able to get an AC20 new for $20-25.

I *think* danios are schoolers, but I'm sure it will be ok until you get it some friends:11:

08-06-2011, 02:34 AM
I actually planned after *hangs head* the cycle to rehome him/her (don't know, lol) to my lfs. I actually intend to use the tank, after fully cycled as a fry nursery. I won't even need the Grey Guppy "I should call her the Grey Ghost"

I may keep the Guppy, but might put her in with the Platy Penthouse. eh...maybe not. Might get some bullying.

I kinda hope the gravel they gave me, isn't burning up my HOB at the moment. The Whisper isn't getting louder, but ain't quiet.

I kinda think the Guppy and Danio are actually schooling atm. Is that possible? One's kinda casually following the other, Guppy following Danio. I don't see any nipping or frantic flashing back and forth.
Do you think the Ghost Shrimp will be an issue with fry?