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07-16-2011, 09:50 PM
In my continuing plan to put a koi pond in our new house I have a couple more questions. Thanks for the help :hmm3grin2orange:

1) Do ponds require water changes as much as tanks do? When you change the water is it ok to use cold hose water?

2) When starting, how do you cycle the pond? Can I just use some of the substrate from my filter in the pond system?

3) Are native, non aggressive, turtles like painted turtles ok to have in the pond if I keep appropriate food plants and sunning areas?

4) Aside from the Koi should I put any catfish in the pond as cleanup?

5) When closing up for the winter should I leave the filter running or pull it into the house so it doesn't freeze and risk cracking?

07-17-2011, 12:29 AM
I have. A 2500 gal koi pond stocked with 9 koi,5 sarassa comets,5 wild goldfish,an assortment of comet young and one big baby eating channel cat.

Question 1. I change water at a rate of 25% 3 times a year. Once in the spring after I net out all the sediment from the fall. Once during the summer just to freshen up a bit and once before shutdown in the fall. I use hose water. In ponds under 500 gallons I recomend 50% 4 times a year with two of those during the hottest months,more if you can do it. Ponds under 250 gallons do it once a months at 50%.

2. Pond over 500 gallons then make sure you have bio media in place and just let nature take its course with slow stocking and light feeding. Ponds under that size like 250 gallons then use a product like bacti lift to start the pond with just a few small comets. Testing is difficult because ammo levels will be very small. Do not use tank media to cycle a pond,you won't have enough to amount to a help. Ponds over 500 gallons should have at least a 5 gallon bucket worth of bio media,even smaller ponds should have that much as well. My pond has about 10 gallons worth as well as the rock bed the falls enters the pond through.

3.tutles to fine if they will stay,they normally do not take the constant invasion of privacy very well. Hope for or stock bullfrogs,they keep the birds away (search that:hmm3grin2orange: )

4. A channel cat will do well for about 4 yrs in a 2000 plus gallon pond before he outgrows it. If you can get a clean bullhead and qt it for awhile he could stay forever. Don't expect the koi to eat the young.

5. The filter is tricky,if it stays under the ice it will never freeze up,you do not need a filter but you do need water movement to keep the surface open in spots. I pull all filter media and let the skimmer and falls run all winter,even during the last winter terrible extended cold the surface never froze solid and I kept the fish outside (as usual). Do not feed after the water temps fo below 45 deg or start feeding in the spring till the temps will go above 50 and stay there for the season. Feed only wheat germ food when water temps are below 55 deg as they don't digest prtein rich foods very well when the water is cold.

Hope I helped.