View Full Version : BN Spawning?

06-22-2011, 05:28 AM
So recently i have not seen my male BN and the female has became "fat". I have a large pile of rocks were the male hang out all the time but i cant find him lately.
Are they going to spawn soon?
Also i have added a couple of fish im worried will eat the eggs. There is a spotted spinny eel and feather fin catfish. will they eat them or could the bn fight them off?( more focused on the eel as the feathefin it too large to even get close to the eggs)
Also what should I feed the fry and should I create more rock structures as hiding spots that the eel can't get into?

P.S. If some get eaten i don't really care I would like a few though. also have a spare 10 to work with but does not have a heater yet.