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05-22-2011, 12:23 AM
I have been researching quite a bit the past few weeks and have a few questions as I am reading conflicting answers. I am going to start 10-20 aquariums
forthe sole purpose of select breeding Cherry Reds and Crystal reds (for now). Now for the questions
1. 10 gallon vs 20 gallon? I know in the 10 the water parm. can shift faster. But s the larger tanks really needed with say 20 shrimp in a well cycled tank?
2. Lighting, flourscent vs incandecent? Is there and benifit or disadnvangate to one vs the other?
3. If you are a breeder what is your stocking ratio of males to females?
4. Substrate? I plan on using java moss and eco complete. Would they thrive in this environment? Would you recommend a different substrate?
5. How many would you keep per gallon? (well cycled tanks for at least 4 months)
6. Water changes... I have a blue 55 gallon drum that once held soy sauce, how would you clean this to remove salts? I plan to use this as my main water
reserve for water changes as I can heat and treat the entire drum to save time.

Any help would be great and this is a helpful forum btw!

05-23-2011, 12:06 AM
(1) The larger tank could definitely hold more shrimp and would be more stable, but shrimp themselves are not very heavy waste producers. Water parameter shifts are not too much of a concern in a shrimp only tank. I'd base it more on how many shrimp you're wanting to keep at one time and what size tank works best for the place you want to fit it in.

(2) I would certainly go with fluorescent lighting myself. Fluorescent lights produce much more light for the amount of wattage used. This would certainly save you some money on your electric bill. Incandescent bulbs produce a lot more heat, which is why they require more energy to produce the same amount of light as fluorescents. With enough incandescent bulbs, you may be raising your water temperatures more than you like while they're on. Also, fluorescent bulbs come in many different, easy-to-find wavelengths that are ideal for growing low light plants, like mosses, that shrimp love to hang out in.

(3) I didn't buy any specific ratio of male to female when I first got my cherries. I was just given a dozen random shrimp and eventually I saw more and more in the tank. I'm about to start a little breeding project myself soon. I'm more than likely just buying them off a website that doesn't even offer choice of sex. If you buy enough, you'll have a few males floating around. As long as you see a few bright ones and a few more clear-looking ones you're good. If you can actually pick, I'd probably guess at 2 or 3 females to 1 male... that's just a guess, though, I don't know if that's favorable or not.

(4) Sounds good to me. I'd probably try to keep your moss all clumped together so there is an area for moss and an area for open gravel rather than spreading it out like a carpet as a substrate if that's what you meant by that.

(5) As many as you can safely feed I would say. If you're breeding this many, I'm assuming you're selling some? Numbers will be nearly impossible to control to any kind of exact amount when you have several shrimp breeding in the tank. Just basically don't let them overtake the tank to the point where you're having to feed allllll the time or your filtration isn't enough. Keep a fair amount to breed and sell them off as they get to bigger numbers is what I'm planning.

(6) Not really sure on this one. Just a lot of rinsing and scrubbing I would say. I'd maybe check the price on them and see if it would be worth the peace of mind to just buy a new one rather than having to risk it. Definitely don't change out water to your whole stock the first time around.

Hope I could be of some help :shappy:

05-23-2011, 12:23 AM
Yessur you helped quite a bit. The 10 gallon "kits" are like 28 bucks and the 20 gallons are like 90 so its pretty simple to see I could actually have more gallons per dollar with the 10g's. I would be selling the offspring, yes. I am a small time farmer and love animals and aquariums so this just fits.

Thanks a bunch!!