View Full Version : Yellow/brown algae on broad leaf plants

05-03-2011, 02:29 AM
I haven't had an issue with algae in my 55 gallon yet but in the last two weeks I've noticed a build up on my Amazon sword and Anubis. Some of the lower leaves have yellow/brown patches on the inside. If I use my thumb I can I rub off the algae but it's getting to be a pain.
Some facts; 55 gallon tetra community tank with a fluval 205 and Marineland 350 filter. Two LED canopies (6500) which are on about 8 hours per day. No direct sunlight. I do feed the live plants once a month with a liquid fert. as per directions.

Will the Diatoms kind of cycle out once the silicates are devoured or is there something more I should consider?
I have never had an algae eater in one of my tanks but could this be a solution? My Red-tailed Shark does graze over the patches on the leaves that are ugly but I think there is too much for the Shark to feast on.