View Full Version : Betta died and I don't know why

05-05-2006, 02:12 PM
I bought a Betta about a month ago for a 37 gal community tank. He was fine and very healthy. At first he got along with the other fish but soon started to become aggresive with them. So I bought a 3 gallon, heated and filtered tank just for the betta and moved him there he was fine. The tanks was heated to 78 degrees. Early this week he seems listless and wasn't eating as usual. I put some coppersafe in the water to help if it was ick, but I notived that the fish had torn it's lip on something and it's side gills where swollen out sometimes. That's why it was having a hard time eating. Then the fish seemed fine and active again and was eating the best it could. Bu them it ripped it's lip more and died about 10 minutes later. Does this sound like disese or was it the pysical injury. THe tank had some fabric plants in it from the fish store I took them out because I thought that may have caused it. I checked the water for ammonia and ph and did regular water changes. Also I was treating the water with declorinator I have to do it for the big tank but do bettas also need declorinater, I thought that may have cause the problem too.

05-05-2006, 02:49 PM
you got something sharp in your tank, is what it sound like to me.
check your tank over good.