View Full Version : falling apart star...

04-16-2011, 05:59 AM
so one of my chocolate chip star... has been falling apart. likely due to the ICH-X, "reef tested" medication that was added a day or two prior. doesn't seem like any fish have been picking on him. there has been temperature increase (from 79/80 to 82) to help with the ICH problem. there was a spike in salt due to the temperature increase where i fell behind (damn salt as high as 27, almost 28! SALT!). is there hope for regeneration of his one leg, which as basically fallen off? many of the "chip tips" have fallen off. or should i just take him out? he's movin' around the tank, but . . . .

04-16-2011, 10:19 AM
Stars can regenerate lost limbs. I would leave him and see what happens. Just keep the water quality high. Personally, my experience with Marine Ich has been to simply "leave it alone" to an extent. Marine "ich" only shows up on stressed fish as a rule. I had a Blue Hippo that had it at one time, and I just fed it a straight diet of New Life Spectrum Thera +A for 3-4 weeks straight, and kept my water quality high and the stress low on the fish, and the Ich went away. As long as I kept the water quality good, it didn't come back. I never add chemicals for "cures" to my main display tank because they always cause some other problems somewhere.