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04-01-2011, 04:42 AM
Hi All, I am new to aquariums, though i have had many small aquariums in my life and taken care of Goldfish and Turtles, but never with any technologies such as filters, etc... So i would be doing water changes very often in my youth. That said, i am runing a small tank with HOB Filter, plants, fish, sand.

I want to buy a 75 G Tank, I can fit this in my Room, and it doesnt seem too high that i cant reach all that i want when comparing it to a 90G. Now I need serious help / criticism, i have never ventured in such a big tank, and i can really use the experience of pll doing this for a while. Pls help me where you can, as i know each setup is different, and one cannot know all the answers.

Desired Aquarium Setup:
75G Tank, 1 x 2217 Euheim Classic Canister with Sponge media / mechanical only, Black Sand, 6500K light fluorescent but on a open tank. Water Change every week of ~20%.
Desired Plants: Java Fern, Java Moss, Anubias, Hornwort, Duckweed, etc... (chosen for low light / not easily eaten plants by Goldfish and not much heat). Also, some plants that have their root in water but body on top, such as Lucky Bamboo and Pothos
Desired Fishes in order of importance
#1) 5 - 6 Fancy Goldfish
#2) 2 3 BristleNose / Bushy Nose Plecos
#3) 1 3 Dojo Loach
#4) 2 5 male guppies
1)Am I way overstocking this tank? If so, pls make suggestions so I can have at least 5 Fancy, 2 plecos, and some dojo (s), and keep my 2 existing guppies. I prefer not to go to a 90 gallon tank as it simply adds height to the tank, thus making it harder to access the bottom for me. If i have to do two water changes per week, then so be it...
2)I have read about using a Canister with mechanical media only should be sufficient due to fact that it will be a planted tank, though i donot know how much plants will be required yet. That said, why is chemical and biological filtration to be avoid in a planted tank, and how do i know if I have enough plants? Any recommendations on medias to use?
3)Should I add a HOB to this setup, and if so, what media. I currently have a AquaClear 30 on my 10G, which i can transfer, or i can also buy the AquaClear 100, but again, what medias to use?
4)If I leave my Tank Open, Can the Dojos really escape, and if so, how much high do i need to prevent this.
Thanks in advance:

04-01-2011, 03:15 PM
Nothing wrong with using bio filtration and plants together. My 75G is heavily planted, and my canister filter's flow is like this: Sponge, Pre-Filter ceramic cubes (helps to catch debris that gets past the sponge), then the rest is bio media. Especially if you're new to aquariums, I think it's best to use bio media and make sure to cycle the tank, even with lots of plants. As far as chemical filtration, I guess it depends on what kind of chemicals. I don't use any in mine. If you need chemical, I wouldn't recommend carbon unless pulling out meds on a temporary basis, but I've heard Purigen is ok to use with plants.

I wouldn't mix guppies with goldfish. The goldfish will eat the guppies once they get large enough. Besides, goldfish prefer slightly colder water than the guppies and plecos. Dojos should be alright though. I've never kept them so I can't comment on their jumping ability.

04-01-2011, 03:51 PM
I think 5-6 goldies and the loaches would probably work with good filtration and water changes, I would plan on 50% a week. Stick with java ferns and anubias as the goldies will eat anything else.

04-01-2011, 06:29 PM
Thanks for the responses guys. Can i have the bristle nose there as well, like 2 - 3 of them, with the 50% water weekly change

04-04-2011, 08:36 PM
Future Aquarium Setup:

75 Gallons, with black Sand Substrate, Low tech lights, Canister Filter Euheim 2217, Goldfish / Bristle Nose Plecos, and Potentialy Dojos, NO CO2.

Potential Plants

Compatible Plants: Java Fern (low Light, tied down), Anubias (low Light, tied down), Java Moss (low Light, tied down), Echinodorus Crypts and Swords (MODERATE Light / Substrate), Vallisneria (low Light,Substrate), Egeria Densa, Nymphaea, AponogetonBolbitis Heulotii

Other Plants, Potentially Eaten: Anacharis, Hygrophilas,


1) I was going to go one of the two scecirios:

A) Workshop Fluorescent T8 lights from home depot that are 35 W each, 2 x daylight (6500k) - maybe one of the bulbs will be cold lights to give both spectrum. Will this be enough, or do i need a second pair as well?


B) Have 2 - 3 spiral lights (daylight 6500K) each in a seperate lamp from Ikea (very cheap 10$) I would get either 100W or 150W outputs (i think this is 23W to 42W actual but it is like incandescent 100W - 150W)


Pls help me choose, and if either are good. Most of the plants will be low to moderate light.

2) Will 1 - 2 " Black Sand be enough, or will i need an bottom layer of topsoil, and if so, which? I know most plants wont need this, but some do. Also, should the ones that i will plant in the substrate be left in the pot they come in, or do i need to remove something from the pot and then place it into substrate?

3) Any of the above plants messy? I have the horwort in my 10G tank, and it is very messy and peels off and makes a mess in the aquarium. I want to avoid this in the new tank. Pls tell me which to avoid. I also have the Barteri and it is very clean plant.

Thanks in advance.

Lady Hobbs
04-04-2011, 08:54 PM
zfarsh (http://www.aquaticcommunity.com/aquariumforum/member.php?u=32543) ....Please only post your questions one time. You have three threads now all asking the same question. I have deleted one of the threads and merged two others together.

04-04-2011, 11:31 PM
I would never use top soil in a tank - cleaning the substrate is then impossible. Some use it but they know what they are doing. Stick with sand (pool sand is cheap, clean; or play sand, cheaper, but a pain to rinse) or gravel. I use a old fish hood and put CFL in the hood - works great but was a pain to wire in.