View Full Version : shrimp changing colour after feeding on wood

03-18-2011, 10:51 AM
About 2 years ago I got half a dozen shrimps from a friend. I've never been able to identify the species, I strongly suspect it's Neocaridina heteropoda. They do well in the tank, last count was 21 individuals.

Recently I did a major overhaul of my tank and introduced a large bit of bog wood planted with anubias as the main feature. That's now a big hit with the shrimps and the snails. At any time there's at least half a dozen shrimps feeding on it.

I've noticed that some of my shrimps are now showing a dark brown sheen in the upper carapace. I suspect this is because of eating wood. Has anyone ever seen that?

03-18-2011, 02:19 PM
I have not seen my shrimp (Caridina japonica) feed on the wood itself, but they do change color a little depending on food/intake. They had a blue sheen when I bought them, because the LFS tank had blue gravel. Then they turned green after feeding on lots of algae.

03-18-2011, 02:24 PM
Many species of shrimp can change color to match their surroundings as camouflage, I suspect that is what you are seeing in your tank. I notice my cherry shrimp that live in my planted tank with dark wood are much darker than the same species of shrimp that live in my sandy, less-planted tank.