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03-10-2011, 03:08 AM
Not sure if this goes in this thread or not

I got a bunch of plants in the mail today. There are lots of pond snails but i havnt put in the plants yet. is there any kind of method to get these thing out of do you just have to sift through and find as many as you can?

there also a super bright red snail. never seen one of those!
thanks for the help in advance!

03-10-2011, 04:41 AM
Some people use diluted bleach to dip their plants and get rid of snails. I've never had much luck with this however. It always seemed to hurt the plants and not kill the snails.

There is a chemical dip that some people use as well but I don't know much about that.

I've had pretty decent luck with a dilute salt dip. Similar to slugs, freshwater snails will literally dissolve when exposed to salt. I use straight tap water and mix with salt until I can taste it (nothing too strong). Dip the plants for a minute or two then rinse them VERY well. Float them in freshwater under a light in a quarantine tank overnight and repeat again the next day.

Alternativly you can simply provide the snails with an alternate food source to get them off the plants. Put them in some kind of quarantine tank, with some zucchini at the bottom. They will taste it in the water and migrate down. After a few nights you should have almost all the adult snails off. Any eggs will still linger however.

The most important thing to remember however is that no matter what you decide to do (particularly with the dips), test the procedure with a single plant before you dip everything. I've heard of WAY too many people who destroy all their new plants dipping them under conditions the plant doesn't like. Not all plants are the same so they don't all tolerate the somewhat harsh conditions required to remove the snails.