View Full Version : help me choose!

02-28-2011, 03:13 AM
im looking for a nice floating plant to put in my bettas tank. the tank is a 36gal bowfront and tony (my mustard gas betta) is the only resident. not planning on really adding anything else to the tank other than flora.

the tank is very lightly planted as it was a spur of the moment upgrade, and my hygrophilia difformis/polysperma was just cut, so there wasnt too much to add in.

im looking for a floating plant that will have a nice looking root system, and the first thing i though of was amazon forgbit, or dwarf watter lettuce. was just wondering if anyone has either and what their thoughts are about them. also if theres any other floating plants with a nice looking root system please let me know!

thanks in advance guys and gals