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02-24-2011, 01:58 PM
One of my baby L81's lower half is grey-ish and missing spots.. Also, i notived that his tail fin was a bit nipped up.. It looks as thought someone when after him.. I've never seen a pleco look like this.. Any adive on what it might be

A 0
Trate: 10
pH: 7.3

again, hi looks ok expect for his lower right half and fin. The body is grey-ish (clear lost color) and his spots are gone and the fin looks a bit nipped up..

Could his body looking like this indicate a disease?! Or just trouble with another.. Also, i will post pics if i can get them! its difficult cuz these guys are 2.5-3"

02-24-2011, 02:09 PM
plecos change color when they're stressed. So, it could be a combination of aggression from another fish and stress due to that aggression. How big's the tank, and what all is in it?

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02-24-2011, 02:17 PM
Is this pleco in the 10G listed in your profile with 5 tiger barbs in it?

And he's a tiny guy?...

02-27-2011, 01:17 PM
Oh god no, that's so old...

He was in a 28gal bowfront with two other plecos.. an LDA31 and another L81 I assumed becasue they were young(2.5" or so) that they wouldnt be as territorial. Also, this was only temporary untill my friend (who he was a present for) could transfer him into her tank.

When i noticed this discoloration i knew immediately he was stressed out by the other plecos. (i thought there was enough territory for a temp. home) i took him immediatly out of the 28 and put him into a 10gal by himself.

i looked at him yesterday and realized its not just discoloration. It looks as though he's roting a bit too. I saw pictures of "slime disease" and that's what it looks like. After seperating him and giving him his own space his coloration improved but the grey-ish skin area stayed the same and possibly got worse, headed up to his head.

so he's in a "hospital" tank now... I just don't know how to treat it. and i'm not 100% sure it is "slime disease" at this point i now know its not just discoloration from stress.

02-27-2011, 02:15 PM
this is the best pic ive got... You can see the his dorsal is now breaking apart and his lower healf is clearly lost all coloration, spots and looks as though its roting

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02-27-2011, 06:27 PM
It's hard to see from the picture, but if it looks like the fins are rotting, I would treat for bacterial fin-rot. Google the pictures of that and see if it's a match. Then treat it with antibiotics.

02-27-2011, 07:49 PM
i've been searching for days and cannot come up with a picture that looks quite like it. Its doesn't look like fin-rot

02-28-2011, 02:30 AM
it's most likely a fungus, brought on by the stress, and wounds. Treat it with a fungus medication. It can't hurt, and will most likely help.

02-28-2011, 04:12 PM
Will treating in a tank with otter fish whom are not infected hurt/ disturb anything? ... As long as the carbon is gone.

03-08-2011, 02:10 AM
Unfortunately one of the l81's bit the big one. It was the pleco i posted about with the grey-ish fungal/bacterial infection. Which btw, i couldnt figure out exactly what it was. I was searching for days on the net and couldn't come up with a CONFIDENT ANSWER as to the problem and solution. :( oh well. You live n learn. Next time (hopfully never) i will try something different and hope it works.

However, the other L81 seems to be doing just fine! He's part of a nice community. In about three weeks or so he's moving into a 125gal with discus and schools of asst. tetras.