View Full Version : Dwarf hair grass

02-24-2011, 01:02 AM
Well, I am currently cycling a 10 gallon tank which I want to have a dwarf hair grass carpet in. My questions are:
Can you plant the DHG in the tank while cycling?
How do you get it to make a carpet?

02-24-2011, 01:08 AM
1) yes
2) when you plant it, separate it out into bunches and plant them each and inch or two apart. They will gradually thicken out into a mat

02-24-2011, 03:37 AM
Thank you!

02-24-2011, 02:32 PM
no probs! have fun with it i love dwarf hairgrass:hmm3grin2orange:

Lady Hobbs
02-24-2011, 02:34 PM
Hairgrass tends to prefer higher lights. Not sure what you have. Also, fish will pick at it and some will put it up. I've not found it the easiest plant to grow and it can take some time to make a lawn. It does make for a lovely tank tho if you can leap over all the hurdles.