View Full Version : Breeding Cherry red shrimp

02-17-2011, 11:18 PM
I am interested in keeping my cherry red shrimp population large and healthy to use to keep other tanks stocked and in the interest of just breeding them. I have recently acquired a 15 gallon with heater at a decent price and was looking for advice on how to breed them. I have heard it is just as simple as cycling a sponge filter in an existing tank for about a month and then adding it to the breeding tank with some wood and plants and then feeding the shrimp a good non-copper containing sinking food. Does this sound right to y'all?

02-18-2011, 02:55 AM
Red cherry shrimp are very easy to breed. What you said sounds good. The most important thing I've found with shrimp tanks is to keep the tank stable, the less you mess with the tank the better off the shrimp seem to be. I do small water changes on the shrimp tanks to avoid any mishaps. So setup the tank however you like it, add some shrimp and wait a few weeks and you should start seeing baby shrimp. Once the population gets going there is no stopping it, they become real active colonies.

Sponge filters work well, just need an air pump to use one. If you go with a hang on back filter, you'll want to cover the filter intake to keep the shrimp from getting blenderized by the impeller! You can take an aquaclear sponge and cut a notch in it, then put the intake into it.