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02-14-2011, 08:59 PM
I just went to two Petcos today, and both of them have not heard of the Marineland Stealth Pro recall or anything about it, and said they would only honor the return if you have a reciept. Since I was there I thought I would ask. The manager was very rude to me about the recall and was acting like I was a scammer or something. They were still selling them to the public...
The employee in the fish dept told me that they put the Marineland Stealth pros in their Sumps for their tanks, and she knows of "FIVE" other times that they have blown up in their tanks. One time causing a major issue as it cracked the tank they use for the sump.
I went to a Petsmart and the fish people all knew about it, and they said they would take both,
(even though one was originally bought at Petco) and switch them out. That was crazy good of them to do that, and TOTALLY unexpected...
I knew there was a reason why I liked Petsmart better.
So, be careful where you take them to return them, obviously some companies know and some dont...
I noticed on Marinelands site that they dont mention ANYTHING about the recall.

02-14-2011, 09:09 PM
Go to petsmart. The managers were down right amazing. I even called corp. and explained how nice the managers were and that they will now get my business more because how much they helped. The problem with petsmart is they never carried the 150, so they do not have number or a price. But mine averaged the 100 and the 200 for the price, then let me exchange the heaters for new ones, and gave me the price difference which ended up being 7.49.
I have never been so impressed with a petstore ever.

02-16-2011, 05:38 PM
Cassie, I am wondering if you were to inform PetCo's corporate headquarters about how rudely you were treated by the manager(s) of the store(s) you went to, if that would make any difference? You might also inform the corporate suits about the recall, and send them an article about it if you can find one, to bring them up to speed. If they are having heaters blow up on them, one would think the store managers would already know they're defective. Is somebody not paying attention, or are they in denial?

-- mermaidwannabe

02-16-2011, 08:34 PM
I emailed them but havent heard back about anything.. Typical. Ill let you know how it turns out!

02-16-2011, 10:11 PM
i agree about petco. i know the GM there so it was handles nicely for me, although i had a long list of things for him. after the chit chat he had a list problems (severe SW ich in their tanks, put a paper at registers pertaining to the recall, actually took the marineland pro heaters that were still on peg hooks off and put them in the back).

i can imagine that if you dont know someone in petco well though that they wont listen to you. ide have to agree that most people would want to return it to petsmart, at least the higher ups at corporate have communicated the recall with them

02-16-2011, 10:43 PM
So, why don't the higher ups at PetCo train their store managers to be more courteous to customers and listen to them? Surely they must realize that treating customers like they're dishonest is bad for business. What's with their attitude, anyway? Aren't they there to resolve problems like this? Do they just assume that any customer with a problem, complaint, or information they haven't heard about is out to con them? And what gives them the right to automatically assume that? I think a few of those managers need to go ....

-- mermaidwannabe

02-16-2011, 11:07 PM
its really a store by store issue, not a company issue. i always hear people ripping on petco and petsmart. its not the company as a whole. i have both by me, and am thoroughly satisfied with both.

and mermaid, its because of the way society is. i work retail and i could literally go on and on about people trying to con me/my co-workers. anytime anyone shows/tells me that they heard this or that, i ALWAYS assume they are trying to get something for free, or something for less.

theres a difference between going into a place and saying "this is how it is", and going into a place and saying "this email/marineland corporate is telling me that this is how it is".

at my job if someone tells me something i will try to verify it. if i cant verify it they dont get whatever they want on their terms

Goes to 11!
02-16-2011, 11:24 PM
Thanks for posting this Cassi-o.

I have two ancient stealths [pros IIRC] that will be swapped provided my new local petsmart is willing.