View Full Version : My Red Claw and blue claw are cross breeding?

01-23-2011, 10:21 AM
Hi guys,
Im in Australia, I have a female blue claw who has bred previously with a now deceased male blue claw. I recently added a larger male red claw and after nervous nights they appeared to accept each other with out incident.
Everything has been fine with my small catfish and yellowbelly not over stressing or being attacked. However it now appears they are trying to cross breed, She has a sperm sack under her but they continue to fight nearly 6 hrs after i first noticed it. I have a helicopter crash orniment in the tank and the bouts always happen inside it. This has been her home since i added it to the tank.
The current situation as i type. They will fight normally with her ending on top. Then next thing she is on top of him walking all over him without a care. Then she will be active around the tank before it happens again. She is extremely active, all around my tank, Behaviour she has not had since before i put the helicopter orniment in the tank 6 months ago. (Fighting again now) didnt see who won..... Both outside the helicopter now as my light has turned off. There was a small scuffle and he is back in the helicopter. .....
I dont know what to do? Im tempted to remove him to another tank rather than her so she doesnt loose any eggs that might be layed.
I cant find anything on the internet about cross breeding between the species. Will i be the first? "Well cats, dogs and horses do." They are both Cherax species?
Anyone shed light here?
Now she is under my pump cleaning under her tail.... She doesnt appear to want to lay eggs?
Back in on top of him again, Shaping up to fight maybe....Appears to be a staring contest this time....Its on again, nope she went out one of the holes. AAAARRHHH! HELP?

01-24-2011, 01:59 AM
*blinks* That sounds more like the crustacean version of a soap opera to me.

02-04-2012, 08:40 PM
Im pretty sure that if the red claw female and the blue claw male mate you'll get purple clawed babies.
This is based on my time spent in 3rd grade art class and a pretty sick color wheel.